Would a guy really care if a girl doesn't try to dress up?

So I've been reading about how when girls get crazy with dressing up it looks like they are trying to hard.

And personally I dislike shopping, its boring as hell.

Anyway, my question is; Would a guy really care if a girl doesn't try to dress up any? isn't it sexier for a girl to look pretty w/o really tying? or would they rather a girl to put effort into it?

Thanks for any answers btw!
Thanks for all the answers.

I just tho I'd clarify tho; I didn't mean a girl should look gross and like dirty. But I mean, not that much makeup, hair just loose ( meaning w/o junk in it, or gel or w/e), plain jeans...

as opposed to like wearing tons of makeup, lots of jewelry, and like high heels everyday.

And I mean to school or something. Not when you actually need to dress up because I get that. :)



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  • Hey I don't blame you - I don't like dressing up either. Personally I don't really care. The first thing I notice and the thing that draws me to a girl is her face so what she's wearing isn't very important to me. But how she does her hair might be. It may be important to other's though. Every guy is different. Plus if there's a certain feature of yourself you want to accentuate or draw attention to then it can be worth it to put in the extra effort.


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  • Tell me do you like guys who dress ahhh it ok he could of dressed better. Or you like guys who look nit and sexy? same goes for girls. Dress sex but try not to over do it. Very tight jeans bra that liftst your breast or mini skirt but not to short where everybody can see yor panties. dress so you can make guys Pe Pe to go up. And guys should dress so Girls temperature would go up a little bit and their hand will be sweaty and they would have a little nice goos bumps.

  • Depends on the occasion. I just saw a girl with an elegant, designer dress...at a barbecue. We were all in shorts and baseball caps, boys and girls.

    Everybody was like, "What's her problem?"


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  • Yeah they care, they want a girl to put effort in, not look slobby or like you don't care about how you look. Most guys have preffered when I dress up compared to not, I notice that guys prefer looking at girls who dress up as opposed to not trying. Not trying means you don't look at good