Why is my hair dryer on one side than the other?

I know it's somewhat out of the ordinary, but yes, I am a guy with long hair. As a guy, I don't know as much about hair care as most girls do, so that is who I am primarily seeking advice from. (Skip to the last paragraph if you don't need the details.)

Anyway, my hair is qbout shoulder lenght (to give you an idea), and the right side of my hair is dry, coarse, and brittle. The left side is perfectly smooth, silky, and healthy looking.

It should also be said that I straighten my hair at 250 and use leave-in conditioner every morning. I also brush my hair A LOT.

I usually push my hair back and part ot behind my ears, and when I do it, you can't tell the difference in moisture on each side, but when I try to brush it forward in front of my ears, it looks hideous.

This could be due to the fact that I usually sleep on my left side. If that is not the case though, do any of you know what the problem is and how to fix it? Thanks.
Why is my hair dryer on one side than the other?
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