Do guys care if a girl has a big nose, maybe even bigger than his?

I'm like 15% Jewish (middle eastern if you're picky and don't think that's an ethnicity, or Caucasian ethnic to be specific) and it seems like it all went to my nose... and my hair, eyes and disease but that's not the topic. xD Anyway, my nose is pretty big, or I think so. Though some people I've complained to it about say it fits my face. I've been told by most the guys I know that they don't like girls with big noses, not sure if they were hinting at me or not but it's come up with a few. So how about you guys? Do you care?
  • It doesn't make a difference to me
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  • Ew, girls with big noses are gross
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  • I prefer a small nose but if I like her then it doesn't matter
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  • As long as it isn't bigger than mine
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  • I LOVE big noses
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  • If it fits her face, its okay to me
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  • Gimme some results
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I thought It might be a good idea to upload a photo of my nose, do y'all think its way too big? And ya, I think it looks like Jeremy Renners but everyone I say that to tells me nah, am I crazy or doesn't it?


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  • If you truly like someone, all those little quirks become so cute to you, you actually don't care whether their nose is big or small, you actually like them even better like that.

    • So do you think getting a nose job would make me more able to get a guy, or not make a difference?

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    • ^^ Okay, I'm still thinking about it though. Thanks for talkin bout it to me, it does make me lean towards not doing it a bit more so your points are good.

    • Thanks, have a good one and all the best! Whatever you do, just make sure that you're doing it for you.

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  • It's hard to judge without a photo to be honest, but if I liked her, I'm sure it wouldn't be a deal breaker

    • Nah, I'm not asking if mine is big; I just want to know your preference. ^^ Thanks for the comment.

  • I'm pretty Jewish, so I have no room to complain.

    • Hahaha, you're still allowed to have an opinion though. xD But yeah I guess that would seem pretty silly to some. I mean personally I like Jewish guys, I think their noses are hot, and it makes me feel less self-conscious about mine.

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    • Uh kinda, I know that one of my great great great grandmas was a dutches, and she ran to america with a farmer

    • Lol thanks. PM me, and I can get you some resources to help you track down your roots, if you want.

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