Skinny broad shoulders or muscular broad shoulders?

Girls, what do you find more physically appealing, guys with muscular broad shoulders, or skinny/average broad shoulders? By "skinny/average" I mean guys who have an average amount of muscle on, AKA not muscular, but have broad shoulders. By muscular, I don't mean bodybuilder tier muscular, but guys who have more muscle mass than the average man.
  • Muscular broad shoulders.
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  • Average muscularity broad shoulders.
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What Girls Said 2

  • I find attractive both but I personally like men who are pretty worked out so I chose the first option.

    Jason Ackles - he has broad shoulder but isn't the "worked out" type. He still has nice arms and shoulders though.

  • Don't like too muscular. Average muscular is nice. Looks good

    • Can you please give an example?

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