How come guys don't give a second look to plain Jane girls?

i have two friends who are plain Jane looking. no makeup, hair in a bun, baggy sweatpants and t-shirts all the time. guys never notice them or flirt with them or anything.

BUT I've gone out with these girls before. I've seen them slip into a cocktail dress, put on some makeup, and style their hair. they look damn sexy when they do. when we go out these girls are turning heads left and right, getting wolf whistled at, guys trying to get their numbers.

SO how come guys don't look at them normally and only when they dress up? they're still the same girls. and they still have pretty faces no matter what. because they don't wear a lot of makeup when we go out, just a little to enhance.


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  • It's just not the being sexy issue. Of course baggy pants and t-shirts are not the best to show your curves and look hot, but it's not just that, it's also the message you're sending. If guys see you like that all the time they'll think of you as one of them, as a mate, not as a sexual person.

    I mean, a girl using lots of make up, showing a nice neckline, short skirts, etc, she is not only hot looking but she is also sending a message. Personally I love the plane Jane look, but we men are not hitting on those girls at parties and clubs not because they are not sexy, it's also because we tend to think that women who dress like that are not looking for men, or in a straighter way, they are not looking for sex :/

    So, if you want to look sexier but you don't want to go out wearing the cocktail dress there are other ways of looking sexy. You can be comfortable with a pair of tight jeans, a tank top with a daring neckline or other stuff, but I guess girls will give better advice on that. Just give a visual sign that shows you feel sexy and your libido is high.


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  • Wearing no make up, baggy pants, and t-shirts are not sexy. It doesn't matter how attractive the girl is, these things are not sexy. Wearing make up and a dress allows guys to see a woman's assets. Thus, they'll look. There's nothing to look at when a girl has a bun and baggy pants.

  • Like the other two said, wearing a baggy shirt and sweatpants probably does little to flatter their figures. I've seen guys that wear really loose shirts, but they have a very nice muscular body underneath it. Same principle- you can't really admire what you can't see.

  • If I (as a guy) walked by in a dirty shirt and pair of shorts I bought at walmart, paint on my cheap big5 shoes and a goofy straw hat on (I work on repo'd homes out in AZ and here in Cali, fixing them up to sell them, so I go out and buy cheap clothes and hats because they are always destroyed after 2-3 houses) - hair not in a ponytail (longer hair than any guy you've ever met I bet) and needing a shave would you look at me? Of course not. But, I also have nice clothes, nice tailored suits that I wear when I'm meeting people or showing a home, and I can use a razor, put my hair in a ponytail and wear a nice pair of shined shoes. And yes, I can tie a tie - I wear silk ties, lots of Jerry Garcia ones - now how do I look? I'm not a different person, but I you would think the first me was a homeless man and the second was some kind of lawyer or executive.

    The first thing people notice about you is your physical appearance.

    • All your girlfriends have to do is wear tight jeans and a t-shirt. To be honest as a guy I really like a girl in tight jeans more than anything else.

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