Guy at gym and established eye contact - what do I do?

Today the hottest guy in the world, who I noticed but hid my interest, was totally trying to get my attention himself (looking at me a lot when I arrived, walking by my bike 2wice, he didn't have to, and looking at me in the face). I tried to act like I didn't notice as I am shy, and the second time he walked by, I looked up and made eye contact and then quickly looked away. I think I embarrassed him. What do I do? Or is it a bad idea to meet someone this way? By the way I was wearing the most unflattering gym clothes in the world with seriously disheveled hair, etc.. Omg, he was so hot, he was totally checking me out. He didn't seem slimy or super macho, but he did look like he knew what he was doing and worked out a lot (usually not my type at all). Even though I looked like crap, the gym was far from empty and there were lots of other people

Haha, OK guys, thanks! I will try to wear nicer clothes next time to help build my courage, too.


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  • your pretty I'm sure. Chill ok? act cool & when he smiles just smile back. but never initiate a conversation. let him do the job & enjoooooooooooooooy! :D


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  • I don't think you embarrassed him! Definitely don't think that.

    make eye contact and smile.

    he can take care of the rest if he's interested

  • Sounds good. Have confidence! :) Good luck.

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