Girls what would you consider average looks?

just trying to get a general perspective here


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  • I'd consider this link average looking. Average is not handsome, but not ugly. You are above average because you are handsome. This would be considered below average link


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  • I would think an average guy just as a typical

    guy you would see around. Nothing too special

    about him but enough that I like to really be

    interested and has his life together.

    Below average is just a guy that has nothing special

    about him and doesn't interest me at all.. above average

    would be a guy that's fit and has a little extra something.

    (something being looks or personality).

  • i would say your a good looking young man =)

    • thanks but I wasn't asking about me lol

      im asking what woman consider average, you could use me as an example I guess lol

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