Is it possible for average looking guys to have one night stands?

I see all my "hot" guy friends having one night stands all the time. And even if they are in a relationship girls give up themselves within the first week.

However I consider myself just average looking, I don't have defined muscles, neither I'm a skinny guy with tattoos. I'm tall but that's about it.

In all my relationships I always had to wait from 6 months to one year before she says yes to sex.

And I see this also happening with my average looking friends, many of them are even still virgins in their 20s. Is their anything about edginess that girls can't resist about?

Why normal decent guys has to be always the ones to wait, when most of the time we are the ones that have stronger feelings for the girl?

By the way I'm talking about girls in general, mostly average looking girls. the hot girls usually have sex faster regardless, but the average looking girls usually are more uptight with average guys.


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  • Normal decent guys have to wait, because we girls recognise that you are normal and decent enough to wait. We do not feel the need to jump your bones on the first night, because we know you will be there tomorrow, regardless.

    • That's evil, lol! Thanks for your honesty.

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    • Youre right- they probably will be. But we generally don't feel the same pressure to sleep with them as we don't have a fear that they will be onto the next girl if we dont, and therefore do it when we feel ready/comfortable.

      Also, you mentioned that you are tall, thin and tattood. You could well be what a woman finds 'hot'. Haha, we're not all into the meat heads.

    • Lol no, I said I'm tall, but I'm not thin and tatood. Those are the "hot guys". And your answer is honest, that's why I chose it as best. I still think that's very eveil though.

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  • I am sure you are a fine looking guy and so far ACTING LIKE A GENTLEMAN respecting the lady you are with. WHY would you want a one night stand? Are you so shallow that you don't CARE about this girl's feelings? That is not very nice - NOR is it respectful.. unless the girl wants YOU for a one night stand. If so - ask her... hook up and go for it. I'd concentrate more on being a good guy. A girl falls for a guy who treats her well - not bags her the first nite out. That's really not a very flattering thing for you to admit. I hope there is more to you than that? How do you know about your "average looking friends in their 20's who are virgins".. Did they

    TELL YOU THAT? Is it some kind of a badge when you screw a girl? You may want to rethink your outlok on what a girl is for. You sound like you only want to use her for sex. A year is a long time to wait for sex, yes. From a guy's perspective. But a girl who is WORTH YOUR TIME respects herself and may not want sex for a LONG, LONG, time. If that's what you want - find a loose girl with a reputation... But pray you don't get any std or word gets around to the NICE girls that you only want them for sex. Girls love with their hearts -- Nice girls don't give it up on the first date. Show some respect. Be patient and WAIT. When it's right, it's right.

    • I think you don't understand where I'm coming from. The one night stand is just to make to point clear. I don't want one night stand, but I hate to wait so long when I actually like the girl.

      The sad thing is that the same exact girl that will wait for sex with a normal guy will sleep right away with a hot guy.

  • Well I personally think that anyone can get a one-night stand, just depending on your prey, because if you are an average looking guy you can easily hunt for average looking girls and their you go, you have one-night stand, it depends how easy a girl is or how bad looking she is, but to answer your question, it is very possible for average looking guys to have a one-night stand, although it probably wouldn't be with the hottest woman in the room, because she is probably looking for a chizzled ripped bad-boy.

  • Well the girl wants to feel comfortable and she just wants to see for herself if she's feeling if its the right guy just to have sex with. Girls wants a guy who doesn't rush into things. Time will make the right desisions. Who cares if your "hot" guy friends get one night stands they will end up getting STD's if the girl doesn't say anything to them so its their own fault to have sex with random guys.

  • eh it depends on good looking average or ugly average. there's not just plain looking. but it really depends on who ur doing and average looking girl.

    • Could you explain further the reasoning behind this? I'm a little lost of what you said. Specially the first part about no just plain looking guys.

    • Oh yeah sry, I babble sometimes. :) okay well I personally think no one is just average like nuetral....lets say -10 is hideoous and 10 is greek god one is just a 0. Everyone leans to a side.. So if you like a 1 or then probably. But if your like a -1 or -2 then...well, good luck! And usually people go for people closer to their rating (its shallow but true) like if you a 2 don't try for an 8....go for a 3 or 4. Get it?

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