Guys Wearing Leggings?

I get up at 5am everyday and have a dance class at 6:30 at college, pre my girlfriend asking me to take one. So since its a dance class I have to wear "active" clothes that are light and don't keep warm at all.. For the last week I have been trying to find a way to keep warm that early, I kept my mind open when out with friends and family and came to a thought yesterday. I decided to go to the store and buy a per of Leggings. While Its strange no doubt about it, It doesn't seem too bad in my opinion since I got them to keep warm not to be "fashionable" and will always have them under some type of other pants. All my friends think I am stupid for this but honestly, I find them rather comfortable. Is it well "wrong" that I wear them or are my friends just being immature.

Note: all my friends that say that are girls, I don't have many guy friends.


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  • i wouldn't worry about it,

    there are many social norm exceptions.

    we're raised in a culture where it's not

    exactly acceptable for males to wear

    what is classified as 'female' clothing.

    it's like males aren't "suppose" to shave

    their legs, but it's completely appropriate

    when they're swimmers.

    & guys straight males 'don't' touch other

    straight males on the butt, but it's acceptable

    when playing american football.

    they're being used for a purpose,

    it's not like you're creeping THAT

    far out of your gender/sexual norm.

    wear them, be warm & don't listen to the others.

    • That, is a beautiful, beautiful poem. Made me cry. :p. Great answer though ^^. I'd say exactly that but just would like to add that people WILL make fun, but don't listen to them because they ARE being immature and people wouldn't really care if they were mature about it, although some girls might be turned off because attraction can't be rationalised, so just bear that in mind. :)

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    • Very good.

      although it doesn't look like a poem to me? It doesn't rhyme at all, just looks like someone who pressed enter mid way through their sentences.

    • Excellent There. That's pretty much how I was rationalizing it in my head. Thanks for reinforcing that theory :D

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  • Well leggings *are* very comfortable, I don't blame you. I don't think you could get away with wearing them on their own, though. Not against androgynous guys or anything, it'll just be a challenge to hide 'dat bulge'. xD

  • people tease to hide the fact that they aren't comfortable with their own sexuality. do what you want, and don't mind what others think! you know who you are.

  • ur gunna come off as a homosexual if you announce that you wear leggings but if you want to then that's your biz. plus you got a girl so that should dispel the rumors. who cares? you know why your wearing leggings so f what people might say

  • just wear some shorts over them or somethin

  • go for it. do what you feel is comfortable

  • It could be a little odd. But I see guys running in leggings all the time and I think it's fine. With them under another pair of pants, you should be fine. So, ignore your friends... just make sure the leggings are black :) By the way, have fun at the dance class! :)

    • Yah, there black sadly they only had my size with zippers on the side haha. and I am having some fun. I was thinking go on that new dance show with Paula Abdul after I get good, ha!

    • Where do you live? San Fransisco? Or the French Quarter? HAHAHAHAHA, OMG I didn't know TRANSVESTITES were that COMMON...

    • Actually, no. I live in a running, college town. They're long spandex. It doesn't make you a transvestite. QA: god luck :) haha

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  • Why not buy a pair of long johns?

  • ehh don't wear leggings


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