What does it mean when a girl tilts her head, smiles, and stares at you?

i was talking to this one girl, and when I made a funny comment, she did the above. what could it mean?


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  • She's definitely into you! That's the fantasy daze where the girl loses control of her outer appearance and daydreams in her head lol. I've never done that straight to the guy's face but I have from a distance. She's letting you know that you could say anything and she'd think you're the best guy in the world to her. If you're not into her, good luck breaking it to her.

    • wow, I never thought anyone would like me that way...she is one of my friends that I sort of have a crush on. thanks for the info!

    • This is sarcasm, right? Please say yes. Please?

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What Girls Said 2

  • When ever I do it, it's usually with the thought of "(tilts head), he's pretty good looking (smiles), he sure is" or sometimes (depending on what your saying) it's more of a "REaLLY?!?" but without showing the shock or amusement...

    Hope this helps! That's just how I am personally though..

  • it's like a wink girl style.


What Guys Said 1

  • She totes digs you, brah!

    That's the answer you were looking for, right?

    • really? that's what it means?

      i wasn't looking for any answer, I'm totally dumfounded at this kind of stuff.

    • No, not at all. Maybe she had a crick in her neck or something. You're reading into it way too much.

    • Sure a girl smiling with a crick in her neck, yeah riigghhtt. She does have feelings for you; I've been there many times and we sometimes lose conscience of where we are at times do to puppy love lol.

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