Guys: how many girls have you seen without makeup who you find naturally pretty?

main question stated above^

just wondering do you find naturally pretty girls rare? did you have a massive shock when you saw this really gorgeous girl for the first time without makeup? is it a turn off/deal breaker if she's pretty with it but not as much without it? how much makeup is too much or what do you think is appropriate makeup?

thank you for your input.


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  • Make-up is fake. My soon-to-be-ex-wife was most beautiful when I looked over at her sleeping when I left for work. No make-up, bed-head and sometimes some drooling.

    That is who women really are - when they can't control their appearance and it's when they look most at peace and most beautiful.

    Make-up is for initial attraction, as are clothes, fashion and accessories. My friend and co-worker told me something fantastic two days ago.

    Appearance is only 1 percent of who you are.

    • this is very sweet and you are wise

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    • Oh god I drool so damn much. Especially when I'm sleeping really well. Good to know its endearing!

    • Well, when she drooled on MY pillow, that was pushing the cuteness. And, when she drooled on me and woke me up, yeah, that was not attractive... ;D

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  • My first girl, boy was she so beautiful. She was middle eastern and they love makeup, but in the mornings, just as we got out of the shower together... I've never seen anything to beautiful as her, just her, no makeup.

  • most girls look naturally pretty without makeup.

    The only thing that I DO NOT like is excessive acne.

  • Rarely do I stare at girls and try to figure out whether they have makeup on. If I can easily tell, then it's usually off-putting.

    My ex didn't wear makeup though, and I thought she was beautiful.


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  • Story time: I was at the river yesterday, and I wasn't wearing any makeup, and had been out in the sun and drinking all day so I'm sure I had an AWESOME red face, and this guy still insisted he thought I was beautiful (he was sober to boot), so yes, many men do still find a natural face pretty.

  • I've seen a lot of naturally pretty girls in my time (my friends), but they all look superzomfggorgeous with makeup on.

    But there are girls who don't look better with makeup on, or even look worse. When I wear makeup I don't think it changes anything, and the one time I tried smokey eyes everyone told me to wash it off because it looked ridiculous. Therefore, I don't wear it.

    • don't try to do anything crazy, just wear mascara and you're set :) that's what I do

  • Yes, guys loveee it when a girl is beautiful without makeup.


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