How to attract a funny guy?

There is this guy with a great sense of humor who I really like. He's not that good looking but really sociable and has lots of friends.

I'm the opposite, I am pretty but have very few friends(short history: I left my home state for college, went through mild depression and am now recovering). Even thought my current social life doesn't show it, I'm actually quite easygoing and used to have many guy friends back home because of my 'guy' sense of humor(in that I can laugh at the kind of stuff that girls might find 'immature' etc).


And more questions:

1. Is a girl having few friends a turn off for someone who is so popular himself?

2. Is my 'guy' sense of humor a turn off because of the opposites attract thing? Should I be more girlie and 'proper'?
Are there any more funny guys out there to answer my question!? I really love funny guys so much but they are always so in demand!


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  • Be witty and fun yourself. Don't take life too serious. And one thing I see from your post, stop thinking you are better than him. You've already played him down and boosted yourself above him. He's a friendly guy most likely. He sees people equally, and likes to have fun. You're not in his mindset thinking you are superior. He'll never go for you if you have that attitude (you're too pretentious). Prepared jokes and old humor come off as lame to funny people. Natural wit, and playfulness is where its at. It shows you're intelligent, flexible, and fun.

    • I don't see myself 'above' him in any way other than superficial looks to be honest...there are times when I can't believe that he actually wants to talk to me being so busy and popular and all. I guess I just wanted to offer something(my looks) to try to match up to his awesomeness. But even so yeah that might have come off a little superior.

    • OK, fair enough. But when you says things like that it does come off as pretentious. Just remember when people hear stuff like that in conversation, it echos in the back of their mind and is a turn off. Pick your words more carefully when talking with the guy you are interested in. The rest of the advice is still relevant and I hope it helps. Good luck.

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  • Easy.

    Always look your best and go out often. It will just be a matter of time before the type of guy you're looking for approaches you. Just try to keep that bitch shield down (if you have one) or you might turn away the guy you're looking for before you give him a chance. ;-)


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  • Be outgoing & funny yourself. But remember to be a lady, just because he cracks a dirty joke, doesn't mean you should too.


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