Do you know what is sweat rice without looking it up?

After several answers I will say what it is if you haven't found out.
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sweat rice is used to trap a man in a romantic relationship in a way that he can't leaves the woman. Women prepare the meal by cooking rice and squatting over the steaming pot allowing the mix of bodily juices and fluids to "sweat" into the rice. after the man eats it, he can't leave the woman. it is still practiced today, mainly in the Caribbean by several ethnicities. people say its delicious and it works. I have never done it and I don't intend to.


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  • I thought you meant the food :P but no, never heard that term for that kinda thing. I hear that stuff happens a LOT in Asian cultures. Except more the woman gets the guy to sleep with her and supposedly that means they have to be married or something. I dunno, my friend was explaining it to me. She'd know better coming right from the region and whatnot.

    • well it is still a food that the woman prepares. well this one happens in African descent cultures like Creole, Garifuna, etc.

    • Ah I see. Well whatever

  • Where's the option for "No, and I'm not going to bother to look it up."

  • Never heard of that. Enlighten me. :)

  • Who actually thinks up things like these?

    • well actually its a cultural practice in the Caribbean passed down through oral tradition. its a part of my culture but many of us don't practice it.

    • Really?

      That still seems bizarre to me.

    • yup. and hehe, ok.

  • WTF


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