What on A GIRL would make her look exotic?

please use specific features and colors such as eyes and maybe eye and face shape even ethnicity if you want... anything that makes a girl look exotic to you.

( use celebs if you'd like to)
another option for this question as well ( seeing as I'm white) do you think someone who is fair skinned can be just as exotic as a tan woman or man?


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  • -Multiracial or biracial, with "odd" features such as dark skin with light eyes, dark hair with light eyes, almond eye shape, wide set eyes, full lips and light skin. Basically, dark skin with caucasian or Asian features or light skin with black or Asian features.

    However, exotic varies by country.

    What's exotic here in the US, where I'm from, isn't Exotic in eastern Asia.

    In Europe, a latina may be considered exotic, where as in the US, she wouldn't be considered exotic.

    In Asia, a white person may be considered exotic, where as in the US, not so much, unless they are of European descent and live up to the stereotypical "clear, porcelain skin, blond hair (not dirty blond), blue eyes or dark hair light eyes.

    • @UPDATE:

      Sure, if you have features which make you exotic.

      For instance, redheads(flaming redheads) GENERALLY have fair skin, freckles, but depending on their tone of red as well as their eye color, it can be exotic looking, at least here in the US.

      Generally, with fair skin, unless it's the whole "scandinavian" look, it won't look as exotic, HOWEVER, it does depend on what country or region of the world you're talking about. You'd be exotic in Asia, Latin America and Africa, but not America

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    • well that makes a lot of sense actually. I do go to a school where everyone is either spanish, Asian or blakc so I guess that could be why I would look exotic to them anyways thank you for the comments :) that's why you got best answer

    • We're all exotic in different parts of the world where our "kind" (whatever race one may be)are not common.

      No problem.

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  • I think it's mainly about having a mixture of features from different races. Just looking foreign isn't really enough these days, as we're so used to seeing all different skin colors etc from immigrants, travelling, movies...

    IMO, half-Japanese half-Caucasian girls are almost always stunning :


  • long hair and crotchless panties.


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  • people say I look exotic... I am italian and native American, I have long, thick, wavy hair, that is naturally dark blond with organge/red undertones, I have big eyes and they are light hazel, and I have a prominent nose, small forehead, high cheeks bones, and a big butt.haha. my skin tone is light tan with red undertones

    • you sound gorgeous

    • Thank you, I believe everybody is exotic and beautiful in their own way:)

  • Dark long hair, curvy, darker skin tone, brown almond shaped eyes, long dark eyelashes and smells like exotic far off places.

  • supposedly I look exotic but I dunno...i'm norwegian, jamaican, and irish so yeah.

    • so basically big, wide set eyes; textured hair; racially ambiguous features.

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