Is putting on makeup trial-and-error?

I have never used makeup before in my 18 years of life because I always thought it felt a bit heavy on my face and it smelt kinda funny. My best friend decided to have fun and do a make over. When my mom saw me, she asked if I did it myself and I replied that I didn't, but my best friend did. I add that, although she [my mom] bought me makeup, I never applied it myself.

However, she told me that it was instinctive [how a girl knows how to apply makeup]. Is she right, or is it just trial and error.
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  • trial and error

    when I first started putting make up on, I never really knew how to put it on. I kinda just aimlessly put eye make up on my eyes and lipstick on my lips. When I was 13 all the way until a few months after I turned 16 I only put on pencil eyeliner on the bottom of my eye and now that I look back at it I thought it looked so bad on me haha. I didn't really even start using foundation until last year when I was 16 cause I never really knew what it was. But overtime I feel like my skills have gotten better and I really like the way I do my makeup now, as opposed to how I did it when I first started out with it.

    Even now every so often I go on YouTube and look up tutorials cause I still like to experiment with it.


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  • Makeup definitely is trial and error- its a lot of "monkey see, monkey do."

    If you are unsure, watch YouTube videos that can give you basic tutorials, then go from there.

    Eventually, you are going to find what works for you, what products you like, what techniques work best for you, etc.

    Just keep trying, and you'll get it in no time. Things like foundation, powder and blush are basic, things like eyeliner, eyeshadow take a bit of practice.

  • I would consider It trail and error, it takes time to get use to applying it.

    Especially liquid eyeliner, I still mess up with that occasionally.. maybe look up some tutorials on YouTube - take a look at Promise Phan's channel she's has some great tutorials you might like: link

  • Wearing makeup is something you get used to over time. I remember when I first started wearing make up, it did feel heavy on my face. However, it doesn't feel like that anymore and hasn't in probably 12 years. Maybe I am just using a lighter weight foundation now, I am not sure.

    If you aren't sure how to do makeup, I am sure there are tutorials on YouTube or something.

  • trial and error imo.. like everything else.. practice makes perfect.. so the more you put on makeup and try different techniques the better you'll get. you'll find out what technique works best for you, and you'll know how much and what kind of makeup you'll like to use and when it's appropriate to use that certain technique. hope I helped :)

  • Trial and error:) I kno this wasn't your question, but if you want specifics on how to apply,go to a mall booth and have them apply a natural look for ya:)

  • Definitely trial and error! While there are certain "universal looks" that look good on pretty much everyone, different looks, colors, textures, ways etc def look good on different people.

    For example I don't look good with eyeliner in my bottom rims, but some of my friends look great with it.

    Black eyeliner looks pretty harsh on me, a deep brown or blackened brown looks much better, but on my friend black eyeliner looks better than brown.

    So it really depends.

    It took me years to get the makeup look I have now, I think I have finally perfected it as it is no longer too heavy or too dramatic and gives the effect that I like, but a year from now I could have a totally different way, who even knows?


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