Do you wear clothes that your ex bought to you?

Do you wear clothes that your ex bought to you? When you have a new boy/girl friend?


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  • That would be a bracelet that she bought me. I have it - for some reason. I wore it regularly every day back in the 1980s. But now it just sits in a drawer. I haven't heard from her since the early 1990s. I know she's married. Happily , I hope, since I never had any feelings against her. But I don't wear it.

    • This is just too touching, she might play an important role in your memory:)))

    • Oh I loved Amy at the time. I only hope she's happy now. My wife calls her "that Amy chick" even though we met in 1996 and I haven't talked to Amy since 1991. I did enjoy it but it's all in the past now.

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  • No, part of my "break-up" protocol includes getting rid of everything that has anything to do with my ex.

  • Well, I don't even have a new boyfriend, but I still try to avoid wearing anything my ex gave me. But those items are kinda loud also. A bright yellow Despicable Me hoodie made to look like a minion? Yeah.

    Meanwhile I think my ex still wears what I gave him and keeps the things I gave him too. Like I think he still wears a penguin hat I got him for the winter. He still probably wears the tshirts and sweatpants I got him. They're not as out there as what he got me, so that might be why.

    • Hahhh, so... if you don't mind, does he have a new gril friend?

    • Mmm...I'm not sure about the exact situation, but it seems like he's definitely pretty close to reeling in a new one if he hasn't already. Will probably do the cliche thing and ask her out on Valentines day.

  • Nope..out of anger I probably get rid of it all

    • But my boy friend does, he still wear the clothes from his exs.

    • Oh wow! I thought you were the one wearing your ex's clothes

    • LOL.Thank you. I just thought he is weird though.