How do you feel about bucket hats?

I'm a big fan of them. I don't wear them too often, they're kind of a situational item (ie: on either a rainy day or a really sunny day when I'm going to be casual events of course). I don't see them very much, and I also bought a LA Clippers and an Atlanta Hawks old school logo buckets today for $3 a piece at an Ocean State Job Lot, so I'd guess they aren't "in style"...but then again, tight-ass jeans are in style and you wouldn't catch me dead in those, haha.

My overall style is kind of a hybrid, Because I'm really kind of a hybrid, haha. I'm a white guy, but I'm from "the hood" as you might call it. So I'm true to my hood roots, but I don't wear the stuff that only hood black dudes can pull off, hahaha. So in the end, I kind of dress like your typical suburban white "bro"-type, but baggier and with a twist of mid-90s ghetto, if that makes any sense. So for example, I would wear a pair of jeans, not too baggy but definitely loose in the legs (i'm a football player, so I have big, high-up ass, haha...they might be baggy everywhere on someone else XD), and a plain lacoste polo shirt, with matching color sneakers, usually suede pumas, gazelles, or chucks (strictly the classics!). If I wear a hat, it'll match the shirt and sneakers. If abercrombie & fitch(5 years ago) and sean john had a baby, I'd be what they'd come up with, hahaha.

Anyway, I say all that to ask: A) what do you think of bucket hats in general, and B) do you think they work with my style? I'm also a pretty goofy guy, always joking around, clowning people, etc, so I feel like I'm the guy in the crew that can get away with odd headwear, haha. But me and the ladies have a mutual appreciation for one another too, so I gotta stay fly, hahaha. Thanks for your input!
in case you don't know what a bucket hat is, or you call it something else, it's one of these (raiders hat on the right)...



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  • I love when a guy wears a cool hat! I'm French and we are all about clothes lol.


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