Are girls more cautious around attractive guys?

I've heard some girls say that they are cautious about how they get approached by a attractive guy since their more inclined to be players, since supposedly because they look good must mean they get girls all the time. Is it true that most girls think this way? If a attractive guy treats a girl nicely that doesn't mean he's up to anything, not all guys are dogs.


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  • When a guy approaches me with obvious interest I start by deciding whether or not I'm interested. It's easy to make the assumption that an attractive guy could get with a lot of girls but that doesn't necessarily mean he does. (I have a lot of confidence though, so when a good looking guy approaches me I don't feel insecure). If I conclude that they're good looking/attractive (at least to me) then I watch them closely and try to denote their motives/intentions rather than just crossing them out.

    - Depending on his state depending (how drunk/high)

    - Whether or not I've seen him getting trying to get with other girls

    - Whether his mates are all watching behind him

    - What his eyes are actually looking at (if a guy whom I've just met comes at me with bedroom eyes, I lose a lot of interest)

    - How confident he appears to be

    - The way in which he tries to get my attention (PUA's are so obvious, it's a turn off and to me a player characteristic)

    - The way in which he maintains the conversation

    The first 4 points seem most relevant to a club setting the rest are pretty general, but this is how I generally judge guys that approach me.

    I don't think all good looking guys are all players. I think a very attractive guy who gets with a lot of girls is just finding a way to deal with all the attention (same with girls), but isn't doing it right.

    To conclude, I'm cautious about any guy that approaches me not just the good looking ones, the ones I'm actually attracted to just don't get struck off from the start (unknowingly) even if the conversation continues.


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  • I don't make any assumptions about an attractive guy. Just because he's attractive doesn't mean he dates all the time, every guy is different, regardless of what he looks like.

    • I need to meet more girls with your perspective, thank you.

  • No, not all girls are that way, a good portion of us think that way because they are used to being played, but we do know there are still good guys out there, if you think this applies to you and are worried about a girls response to you, then just show her your a real caring man and not a player and all will be fine. :)

    • That's what I'm trying to do, I get looks from girls all the time but theirs only one girl I'm trying to get close to. I don't know if she's just really busy, lost interest, playing hard to get, or being cautious cause I haven't spoken with her since last Saturday. I've texted a few times and she hasn't gotten back to me at all, she never texts me first either but we have flirted and know we like each other.

  • i don't approach extremely looking guys especially if they are a model or something just because I don't want to get played so yeah that sounds about right I feel they will cheat on me but I'm kind of insecure to so it could be my fault so ill be their friend but not their lover

    • But what if an attractive guy approached you and was nice, would you open up to them?

    • possibly but probably not

    • I would just talk to them, get to know them, then open up if I liked the person. Most people don't open up right away, no matter who they are talking to, but eventually sure. :D

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  • Good Question!

    • Thanks, now I'm just looking for a good answer.