Girls what makes a guy physically attractive to you?

Give any details you can probably your dream guy or something like that


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  • Just physical...Okay:

    Tall, dark hair, dark small eyes, thick slanted eyebrows, sloped nose, defined jaw-line, broad shoulders, v shaped torso, muscular or at least toned, med-high cheek bones, med lips. Can't visualize? Here are some men I find good looking/ that reflect at least 4 or more of the aspects I think for me make a guy hot:




    link link

    But all my examples are models lol, so I repeat for the average joe to be good looking to me he has to have FOUR or MORE of the facial aspects I find good looking. Good looking is enough, my guy doesn't have to be the definition of hot. Then again my type comes by less than one in every 10 I see. Here's and example of some average joe's

    Body wise, he just has to look like he can beat me physically in any aspect (I'm pretty strong for a girl, I just can't bring myself to date a guy who looks like he could be weaker than me). In short broad shoulders and a v-shaped torso are the must, everything else is extra.

    • wow you think the bottom 2 are average joe. You have some big standards. And small eyes don't girls usually prefer big eyes.

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    • man stop filling up my comment bar sheesh

    • I see. Well, even with my tastes I am not a perfect or even elite specimen, I have met those I consider nothing but way out of my league.

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  • Physically, I love rugged looks...but I also have a thing for suave looks or maybe even punk rock looks.

    I like to see guys with nice hair...usually long hair shoulder/neck length..or mohawks (fro-hawks, fohawks etc) Call me insane...but I really do find that extremely awesome.

    I like them to be chubby and solid or muscular..but not too buff...even though I still like it.

    I LOVE facial hair...on guys...

    I love guys with dark really dark brown to black...but gray and green looks good as well. But I prefer the darkest eye color possible. And thick eye

    That Back- I love a nice hard big back...shoulders have to be broad...really broad. but then uh..I

    like the other parts of his back it be really tight and firm...

    I LOVE smiles. Yo, he has to have a nice wide bright smile...with nice teeth. Bad teeth are my shallow turn off.

    This isn't physical but I can't stress enough how "freshness" is important. Being clean..smelling great...wearing crisp fresh clean clothes...

    This isn't physical..but I like smart intellectual guys, who make me laugh and can do crazy things with me...And HE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW TO COOK. p.s he has to be a good person who is respectful and assertive when needed.

    The way to my heart is through my stomach.

    • hmmm pretty broad answer could you be a little more specific I'm not really getting any sort of idea what you like. lol jk.

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    • To the QA: Don't encourage the behavior if you don't like it.

    • what are you talking about waitingatthedoor

  • My dream guy would have a college degree, pretty eyes, muscles, but not the huge muscles! He has to be funny, with cheese, and flowers.

    Oh, and he has to know how to write in English.

    • but it's fine if he can't speak English correct? Just being able to write in English does it for you lol.

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    • you're an idiot lol. What are you 12 years old getting jealous because I'm leaving sarcastic comments on here?

    • No, because its raks up my answers which I though it was for me but you seem to be filling them up. If your so interested why don't you put your own question up instead of trolling.

  • *Dream guy*




    Pure awesome sauce


    Nice smile


    Can take a hit

    Doesn't vote for Romney this upcoming election

    Can cook


    Doesn't rely on women to make him sammiches^.^

    Yea...he doesn't exist.

    • im not gonna vote but if I did it would be Romney lol ;p

    • Well then I guess you wouldn't make the list anyway, so no hard feelings :DD

  • nice eyes, abs, nice hair :p

  • His ele face does it for me yes well the who

  • He looks like Daniel Henney. Act like him and have some class.

    Maybe someone with personality and easy to be around with.


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