Is my professor interested in me? He keeps staring at me.

In class I'm pretty quiet and have never voluntarily given an answer. When the class first started my prof would ask me questions, but he eventually decided to leave me alone because he caught on that I'm a little shy. Well recently I've noticed that he keeps staring at me for a few seconds too long. My eyes constantly follow him because he is a great prof and very animated, so its normal that I'm watching him. During one class he was writing on the board and when he was done, he turned his head to look at me and his eyes kind of widened and he fumbled over his words for a second until I awkwardly looked away. For those few seconds I felt kind of trapped.

The next class all was normal until nearly the end of the period. I was listening closely to what he was explaining when our eyes met and he completely forgot what he was saying! He froze for a second, started stuttering, and then had to walk over to his notes to get back on track. Later in the class he cracked a joke about me and gave me a huge grin.

This behavior from him is strange because he comes across as very confident. During breaks he'll chitchat with me a little, but then he does that with most students. My grades are about average, so it can't be my mighty brains that catch him off guard. I'm in my twenties and pretty enough, but not that I've ever noticed anyone stop in their tracks before. What's going on in his mind? Is he interested or do I somehow intimidate him?


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  • Take care not to flatter him even subconsciously (unless you want to, and be aware of the risks involved)... a lot of males in their 40s or 50s are just dying for young female attention. It could be their mid-life crisis, or just the fact that they've stopped getting sex from their wives or partners!

    • That's what I don't get. He mentions his wife at least once every class and from what he says he seems happy, so I don't understand what's going on there.

    • Sometimes these things work in quite counter-intuitive, irrational ways! Men in their 40s and 50s can suffer from a neglect by their wives and an urge to prove themselves...

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  • I can see that there is ground for mutual attraction and you are pretty so yes he eyes may get caught in long glimpse to your eyes and face because you are attracted you know it and he knows it,

    the fact that he is married is good enough reason for you to consider other alternatives rather than long gazes at each other


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  • I think he likes you