Why would an ex stare but won't talk

well here's my question I work with my ex so we see each other at least 3 days out of the week so for the past 3 months since the break up she will look at me or stare at me but won't talk when I was trying to talk she was real cold and didn't really talk just responded so I stopped we have been nc for about ten days no text or stuff like that but its been like a month since we talked we ignore each other if I see her I just walk away if we are next to each other I don't talk or even look at her but I can see her threw the corner of my eye looking at me and friends tell me she is always looking at me and when I leave laughing or happy she seems mad why but the truth is I still love her with all my heart and it kills me to not talk but when I try she's so cold why does she stare at me if she is acting so cold

im so confused cause when we were talking she acted like she just wanted me to stop but now she looks at me and acts mad when I seem happy look I've been in more than one relationship and so has she but I'm not used to these mind games she said she didn't want a relationship at the moment so I said fine but then she started text me and would just stop but now nothing but looks and its so hard for me to know what she expects from me of course I would love to have her back but I'm confused with this
so in everyone opinion what is my best option should I try to talk again even if she acts so cold when I do or should we just stay ignoring each other of course I want her back in my life at least if it starts slow just hi it would be nice but she acts like if she hates me when we do talk and she's been kind of trying to make me jealous talking about guys and stuff I do not want to lose her forever but is all hope lost thanks for the help

so here's an update so I spoke to my ex and asked why she was staring at me not like that but that's the jist of it she told me that she wants us to talk but didn't know how to ask so we talked and she stated that she could not understand why if I loved her so much I wouldn't want her in my life even as friends what do you guys think is going on now


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  • it's really hard to say and it depends on the situation.

    the last few times , I have caught my ex boyfriend staring at me but he does not talk either.

    i think he is just curious about me but the fact he does not talk to me, might mean he's fearful of me or he is just curious, not interested in anything more than just looking at me.

    i think she is hurt

    its not hard to see that

    if you two are meant to be with each other

    communication should be key to solving any difficulties

    but that depends on the maturity, the level of communication and other factors.

    if you love her, why are you doing that to her?

    definitely sounds like she's hurting.

    i have felt that way

    i was cold till I met my fiance.


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  • The best thing that can come out of this is to sit down and have a genuine conversation with her. Ask her to have a talk with you, tell her exactly how you feel, and maybe this will allow her to open up and explain why she has been behaving the way she has.

    You won't really know what's going on until you actually talk to her about it. But please try to be gentle and open minded while youa re speaking with her, don't let your emotions get the best of you.

    • Response to your update: I would be confused too if I were you but then again I would approach the thing differently. I would take her out or make it so that I would be able to see her in person and then talk about it with her. From the looks of it, whatever si going on inside her head, it is not good, so I would embrace for the worst.

      But also think about it this way, she is playing minds games with you. What have you done to deserve this? Are you happy? Do you think any of this is normal?

    • i don't know why she is doing this she know I love her with all my heart maybe that why ,im not happy I miss her tremendously but I told her in our last text that if she wanted space than I will give her space and no I don't think this is normal or right to do to me I treated so good why treat me this way yes we had fights but not anything that could not be fixed

    • Maybe you should go out with your best friend and go do some outside activities. I promise it will make you feel a lot better. Try to do activities that will keep you busy. Do yourself that favor.

  • It's because she had grown attachment to you from the recent relationship you had.

  • my ex did this and it made me upset, therefore I got over her a lot easier!