Does makeup fix ugly?

ASIDE from photoshop, airbrushing and editing, which CAN fix ugly and imperfections, do you think makeup fixes ugly?

Also note, I'm not asking for sad stories about how 'ugly' you think you are.

Look at the pictures on here:


I'd say the first 3 pages will give you an idea cause it just becomes repetitive discussion or you have to dig and dig

I feel like with the everyday chick, it doesn't fix ugly. If it did, why would nose jobs, cheek implants/reductions, braces, lip injections, brow lifts, chemical peels/microdermabrasions, acne/wrinkle topical creams be in such demand...

It can only do so much. It helps average girls more than it does already butt uggo girls.

Also, I don't ask this to put down girls who do wear makeup or who don't. I LOVE makeup but I rarely ever do it because I'm lazy. The only thing I must do is fill in my eyebrows with a pencil and even then, I'm still average...
Does makeup fix ugly?
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