How to look older to get into cinema?

Guy I've been seeing lately invited me to the cinema and we decided we want to watch a horror... the problem is it's an 18 movie and I'm turning 17 this year...

He's 17 but looks way older for his age so he won't have a problem getting in. Since this is England, no matter who buys the ticket I still need to at least look 18 to get in...

I really want the evening to be good and I don't want the fact I'm not 18 to ruin it so do any of you have any tips what to do to look older to make sure I get in?


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  • Wear a One Direction shirt.

    Actually, a lot of your age is how you look. Do your make-up more mature, wear more mature clothing, etc. Don't shoot too far north of your age. If you show up with curlers in your hair and are wearing a muumuu it's going to be awkward.

    After that it's your attitude. If you're nervous, you'll draw attention to yourself. If you act like it's normal, then you have a better chance of them not checking your ID. Then of course there are times that no matter how old you look or act, they're going to check your ID. If that happens, you're SOL.

    • Haha I'll turn up in a Justin Bieber one ha ha (no offence intended to any jb fans)

      And ha ha yeah I don't want to look awkward haha, I'm training in acting so I'm not worried about the behavior as such but it's just the look part... like what would I wear as an 18 year old? I mean I don't dress like a child or a preteen now but I just don't know whether an 18 year old would dress much differently to me?

    • I don't know style in England so I can't really answer that. There likely isn't much difference between a 16 year old and an 18 year old, except an 18 year old would be more likely to be in college, so think about what college aged girls wear in England.

    • I'm currently in college so that should be pretty simple then- all upper year girls where pretty much what I do so...

      Thank you! :D

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  • Can you theatre hop?


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  • Make up helps in some cases

    Or university gear

    May I ask how old you look?

    • On my holidays 2 years ago (I was 15) I got mistaken for a 19 year old so I do look older appratly ... But it's just that some people either think I'm older but some think I'm younger depending on who I'm usually with :/ I'm worried that the cinema person will think I'm younger _

    • Try wearing make up or some clothing that are more mature looking.

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