What color tie should I wear with a purple shirt and charcoal suit?

I'm going to be an usher in my friend's wedding. I've already been told that I'm to wear a purple shirt (per the bride), which I have (very similar to this: link )

I'm opting to wear a charcoal suit or medium gray suit

My questions are:

1) What color tie should I wear

2) Can I/Should I wear a vest, and if so what color for that?

I have a fair complexion and brown hair.


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  • A mismatched vest with a suit that's not a three piece suit would make it less formal.

    That said a purple shirt is also less formal then weddings often are, but the unmatched best would go lower.

    A deeper purple or charcoal or black tie would probably look 'best'. There is actually a category of tie called a 'wedding tie'. Generally these are silver with a small pattern.

    I'd ideally, in your situation, go with a small pattern tie in black silver. Dark relative to the shirt but with silver to celebrate.



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  • This is going to sound REALLY weird, but pair that purple shirt with a burnt orange tie (if you could find one with a charcoal grey pattern on it even better) and I bet it looks hot

  • i'd say a black or grey skinny tie, although without seeing the suit and shirt together it's hard to tell, have you thought about no tie, and doing an open shirt thing?

    • I could see losing the tie during the reception, but definitely need it during the actual wedding. Thanks for the advice!

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  • What I wear with that is a black tie with silver/grey diagonal stripes and it works really well! Also get a silver pocket handkerchief. If the shirt has no pattern, it's usually good that the tie has one and it also goes the other way around..

    • actually have this tie at home: link

      That close to what you're talking about?

      Also, if that's the case...any thoughts on a vest?

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    • vest about the same color, I'm thinking?

    • I would go with black/charcoal (whatever it was). No other color really comes to mind that would work really well. Someone can comment here if something comes to mind.

  • A skinny black tie

    Skip the vest

    Get nice Thomas Pink socks

  • 1. A red or black tie will also be good.

    2. Yes, a black one will do.

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