Why do guys deny checking out other girls even after getting caught?

As I was walking with my boyfriend at the park I saw an attractive girl up ahead and then right before he noticed her I started to stare right at him to see when he would notice her an how long he would stare. Well when I did he locked his eyes in right on her and wouldn't look no where else. When I confronted him about it he all of a sudden was like "No I wasn't checking out anyone I was looking at the playground" when I simply saw with my own eyes that his eyes did not what so ever turn away from her and the park that he claimed to look at was far enough to the right to where you would have to turn your head to even look at for you to notice it. I don't get it, is there really guys out there where sometimes they do check out other females but don't notice when they are doing it (when they clearly are) as if they are in denial or something?
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Even when he plays the new Grand Theft Auto game 5 lol I know what I'm about to say is dumb but like of how they have made that game now, the chicks an dudes look so realistic I even catch him just starring and following the half naked girls in thongs in the game. Like come on really? He does that more than he plays the missions on that game lol but sometimes it just seems to me that I am with a total pervert that just can't help himself but lock eyes on any female.
Why do guys deny checking out other girls even after getting caught?
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