Girls, was she admiring my bulge?

I was standing around with some of my co-workers when a male co-worker said, “I like your belt”. Other co-workers looked down at belt too and complimented me on it. This one female co-worker looked down, grinning/smiling and staring for a few seconds, but didn’t say anything. Was she looking at my bulge? She was the only co-worker who changed facial expression while looking.

I wasn’t wearing a jacket at the time, just my shirt tucked into my suit pants. So the whole area was viewable. My bulge is pretty noticeable, even though they’re not tight pants (perhaps because they’re a light color). In other words, I doubt that she was smiling because she thought it was a funny sight. It’s not like those too-tight skinny jeans that some guys like wearing! Just normal suit pants that are the correct fit for me. But you wouldn’t be able to look at my belt without also seeing my bulge.
She was admiring your bulge.
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She was admiring your belt.
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Girls, was she admiring my bulge?
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