What do you think about bikini bridges?

I learned a new term today. This is a picture of a bikini bridge, where the girl's hip bones protrude farther than her stomach does.


I have mixed feelings about it. I love the way a fit healthy girl looks, but there's a point where she starts looking too thin.
God that's the sexiest thing!
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WTF? How can people be so flippin shallow?
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+1 y
I guess I have to say they're kind of sexy after further thought. Not because she's Uber skinny, but because you can almost sort of see her naughty bits even though she's clothed (not much, but it counts). Sort of like a down the blouse glimpse of tatas. The little boy in me votes yes for unintentional naughty bit observatories. The man in me says she's so skinny I'd be afraid of breaking her. :-)
What do you think about bikini bridges?
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