Is it okay for the girl to text a guy FIRST?


Is it okay for the girl to text a guy FIRST?

In every stereotypical TV show or movie, it always involves the guy figuring out how to text the girl. Usually, guys are supposed to be "the man" and talk to the girl, text the girl, and ask the girl out FIRST. But what if the girl wants to go first? Do YOU think it's okay for a girl to break these common stereotypes and be the ones taking that first step to a successful relatonship?

In my opinion, I think the girl can definitely be the leader sometimes! If you are a girl and you feel comfortable making the first move, then I would say to go for it! Sometimes, it's okay for the girl to be "the man". I'm no feminist, but I think it really doesn't matter who goes first. In fact, lots of guys are shy and don't plan to text you first because they are nervous. You could be the one who saves the relationship so it ends up being successful!

Share your opinions about who goes first down below.

If you decide that it's okay for the girl to text the guy first, then how does a girl go about doing it? Here are some tips:

1.Be casual about it. Don't make a big deal out of it.

2. Don't make small talk. Guys like it when a girl knows what they want.

3. Have something in mind to talk about before texting him.

4. Don't be nervous!

Here is a sample conversation of a successful relationship getting started:

Girl: Hey!

Guy: Hey

Girl: What's up?

Guy: Just chilling.

Girl: I saw your snapchat story. It was pretty cool. I liked the part about the dog ha ha. Pretty funny.

Guy: Oh thanks! I have a lot more where that came from! Want me to snap you?

Girl: Yeah cool!

Just like that, these two have started connecting. However, here is what you should NOT do. If you don't have a motive/idea of what to talk about, the conversation can fail and just become awkward.

Girl: Hi

Guy: Hey

Girl: How are you?

Guy: Good

Girl: Cool

Guy: Yeah

Just like that, the conversation has drifted off into failed-conversation-land, never to be revived or seen again.

A final tip is to make sure that you are comfortable with the guy before you text him! If you mess up, don't worry. This is a saying I made up a few days ago: No one can embarrass you if you choose not to be embarrassed. If something goes wrong, don't let it bother you! Just try again a few days later.

Being the girl sending the first text can be difficult, but remember: girls and guys aren't all that different.

I hope this helps you! If you have any opinions/thoughts, share them down below!



Is it okay for the girl to text a guy FIRST?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • clara5
    I am usually the one to text first and I don't think it's a big deal. I know that these days a lot of guys are often too nervous to text first, so I don't mind helping out a little. However, I only see it as a form of signaling to him that I'm interested: just because I texted first, it doesn't mean I want to lead everything. I will expect to be asked out at some point, otherwise I'll just think he's not into me and move on.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • OarengeAeyt
    Women can make the first efforts of communication. This is of course the 21st Century, and we're trying to break down those stereotypes. I think it's great for women to take initiative in all kinds of relationships, platonic, romantic, or otherwise. Some guys may be turned off or intimidated by this, but I think that it's best to weed out those kinds of guys at the start. Good luck out there ladies.
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  • AmericanPoet
    I have no problems with a woman who wants to take charge. It's a refreshing change from the stereotype game. Girl I am seeing now did this. Met on a Thursday and texted Friday morning. To me that shows she is interested and I got her attention. I like that =)
  • mimmy
    That's some good advise there!! Defiantly will take this into consideration. The not to start a conversation is how I used to talk to my old crush. Now we are just really good mates as I have a boy friend now. But now I've read that I will put every effort into it to try and make my daily conversations more lovely. I sound like a really intelligent geek but I'm not 😖
    • Catalie

      I'm happy this helped you! :)

  • Themaster96
    Completely okay, and I agree it's nice to know what a girl feels or wants. But don't that doesn't mean you have to do it all the time. If we don't text you first every so often ask why. I hope that helps in some way bud
  • TotallyOlive
    Its okay in my opinion If they are just friends. And its also okay if girls text the boys first in a relationship. Im always the one to text my guy friends first and then after that we text for hours. SO its completely okay to to text first
  • AbandonShip
    Well... I have NO girls' numbers, and I am not on my phone as often as most teens, anyway, but I wouldn't mind being asked (to be honest, that is likely the only way I would ever get into a relationship).
  • bloodmountain1990
    Yeah definitely. If we're the ones always having to initiate text then we figure the girl isn't all that interested or lost interest.
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Thank you! Women need to learn to take the initiative more.
  • theegreat017
    My best friend rarely texts first, it had always to be me, she's weird isn't she?