An old, reliable, alternative to pick-up lines: Poetry!

An old, reliable, alternative to pick-up lines: Poetry!

Reciting poetry to girls is how I got all of my dates since I started doing it. It's incredibly effective, and has a higher success-rate with my experience than using pick-up lines. People have been doing it for centuries and it certainly is quite romantic. I feel that 21st century dating is more about satisfying each others carnal desires than generating "true love," whatever you consider that to be. My advice goes as follows, when you recite poetry to her, she should be preferably alone. This will prevent any of her annoying friends from interrupting you (trust me every girl has annoying/loud friends). The poem can either be something you made up or memorized online. Keep it short, about 30 seconds or it'll drag on. While reciting you should be confident, and body language means everything. I, personally, am not noticeably attractive and only a bit above average, but it works like a charm for me. Keep in mind, this will not work with all girls!

Some are quite superficial and will either laugh it off or think that you're "uncool" for doing so. I'm not going to explain which kind of girls this works on as most of you will know after a few encounters. The thing is, with reciting poetry, more-often-than-not the girl will think about the words you have told her later on and be undoubtedly flattered, even if she doesn't find you attractive. Remember that this girl is a human and not a "goddess" and will appreciate the poem in the very least. One could argue that reciting poems is "cheesy," but then again we have pick-up lines and those aren't much better.

An old, reliable, alternative to pick-up lines: Poetry!
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  • I-C3_ME

    So let me tell u a tale so invigerating, so impeccably incinerating.

    So passionately inspiring that love will soon come hiring.

    Many men so chilled in verse, never a need to try again or rehearse.

    Young and old age matters not, with love some battles are easy others are fought.

    Though eventually each poët must stop to rhyme, with the right girl and at the right time.

    Sad as it maybe with this last verse now that you'll be fine, because in the end true love shall be mine
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    • What a beautiful poem, could you like the OP so it can gain more exposure please?

    • anon1903

      Are you a poet?

    • I-C3_ME

      Nah not really, i just like to rhyme but i don't do it that much anymore. Only as a charming tactic honestly 😅

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  • SunnyCaliGirl
    I love poetry ❤️
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  • thegirlfromthething
    I don’t know how I would respond if a guy recited a poem for me. I get that he’s trying to be sweet and romantic but having a guy give some kind of performance just for you seems so awkward, and I’m not a fan of poetry. If someone wants me to reciprocate his feelings his best chance is to have regular conversations with me so I can get to know him instead of just hearing what he thinks of me.
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  • hahahmm
    You sound like a bunch of desperate old feminist women who can’t get any man to take them seriously formed a committee, constructed your profile & started posting PSAs on how males need to be traditional for untraditional females
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    • Actually, I'm a dude. If you check out my profile, I'm actually an active condemner of feminism. A feminist wouldn't actually like poetry as they are typically "unromantic." But I understand where you may be coming from.

    • hahahmm

      Talking about poetry in this context. DGS.

      Don’t go simping.

    • Actually it's not simping as I've used it to get many girlfriends. It's much more endearing tbh.

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  • victoria5475
    As a woman, I agree. But it must be classy, not the kind of poetry you find in the clearance section.
  • Edanurus
    This might work when you're younger but it comes across as a bit try hard as you get older.

    Nothing wrong with talking about poetry if that's your thing but as a pickup line I would think most girls would look at you funnily.
  • anon1903
    This would work on me. Great approach, pal.
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  • Unatcomail
    Ok then
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  • Michael82
    I like poetry
  • Calgarydirty69
    write her music!