Storm Poetry to Spruce Up Your Day

Storm poems with the center being lighting, thunder, rain, written by me of course.

Amongst the Storm

I stand amongst the storm, the Shishi-odoshi hard at work,
deep in thought, amongst the storm, drenched but not distressed,
bathed in rain and lighting.

The Stormy Soul

Lighting dancing across the sky, a ballet of flashes, dashes of light, echoing through the darkness that is the sky

Rain, lightly drizzling from heavens a rhythmic pattern of pittering and pattering, sweet music to my ears

As I lay upon my bed in a dim lit room peering out the window into the eye of the storm, the recesses of my soul


Region of mist, Estate of Night, thundering clouds booming in the Twilight,

Soft rain, tears of Heaven, so tranquil...serene, the lighting flashes, the sky's Ablaze! gone in an instant, there for eternity,

The thunder roars! Nature awakens and takes its first breath the fog rolls in and Covers the Kingdom of Reverie, Land of Elysium

Where the dead revel and the living can never venture

And here is some rain sound effects if you like to listen to stuff when you read, enjoy !


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  • Good read ๐Ÿ˜Š I had made a short poem out of this poem. Inspiration from this myTake

    Whilst I look at the storm,
    Calmness dawns upon me
    Weird speculations form
    With this uncertainty

    โ€˜Tis the storm that perished
    The chance of dear sunlight
    To be felt and cherished
    By an affected site


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  • Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    I have a gun.
    Get in the van.

    • Roses are red.
      Violets are blue.
      I have a bigger gun.
      And I slashed your tires.

  • Really nice take man :)

    • Thank you. ^^

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    • Not that either actually, best of the best is black hawk down tho

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