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How To Intrigue A Man


How To Intrigue A Man

How To Intrigue A Man

There are some women who attract men to themselves like honey attracts bees. If you want to be one of those women then you have to act magnetic and intriguing to men. You have to stand out in his mind from the other women he encounters in one way or anouther.

#WowgirlRocks #GAG
#WowgirlRocks #GAG

Looks do play a role in this as does personality but, the main element to becoming tempting and interesting to a man is, I know it sounds corny but it's truly just being CONFIDENT in yourself...

How To Intrigue A Man

No man wants a needy, whining, insecure woman. Although, I will not give out all my secrets to you ladies and gentlemen. However, here are a couple things to start with.

How To Intrigue A Man

1. Have Intellectual Conversations

He wants a mental match that will hold his stamina and entice his mind, making him think on a deeper level. He craves intriguing conversations that show you can hold your own weight, socially or sitting at home.

Most men desire a woman who can add value to his life allowing the relationship to grow.

How To Intrigue A Man

2. Smell Delicious

Smelling delicious is the trait of a temptress. You need to have a signature scent when you want to be tempting. It should be warm and captivating and not too strong and overpowering. It should be your scent that should bring you back to a man's mind again and again.

How To Intrigue A Man

Remember smell is the strongest sense tied to his memory (I suggest citrus smells personally).

3. Have Your Own Life And Value

First youneed to create a lifestyle where you’re firing on ALL cylinders.You’re not just working on one aspect of your life, but seeking to improve yourself on multiple levels in life.This includes your career, hobbies, passions, relationship's, and so on.

How To Intrigue A Man

Men don't want a woman who's only hobby is texting or calling him constantly. More importantly, this sends a very clear signal to guys that makes them think one thing and one thing only = CLINGY/RUN..

How To Intrigue A Man

Go out be social make him wait for you to call. A intriguing woman has no time to be sitting around chasing after just anouther man does she? A intriguing woman is very busy with her life, and in demand from multiple men.

How To Intrigue A Man

4. Shut up And Listen!

Most women talk about themselves repeatedly. This is not sexy or interesting to a man at all. Any man's favorite conversation topic is himself, so ask him questions about that topic. Make him think you are entranced with him and his vast knowledge give him the affirmation he is looking for.

How To Intrigue A Man

5. Body Language, Body Language, Body Language

Men are visual creatures and most of them need visual cues to realize your interested in them. Be happy, smile, and always look into his eyes. Be bold don't be afraid to lightly touch his arm or fix his shirt collar (he won't bite).

How To Intrigue A Man

This will show it's possible your interested in him but not 100% yet. Look yourself up and down and then look at him this is called a Covert Self-Offering. In Psychology and Ethology all animals have Covert Self-Offering Behaviors and Cues.

Thank you for reading and don't forget,,,,,



How To Intrigue A Man
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  • ohshee
    All I can say is you are one of the best at doing that with every single one of your questions because with every single one of your pictures your Insight the way you see things the way you feel about things and your art your pictures just pull you right in some of your questions I feel you so deep and I think it's beautiful I passed this question by 30 * and I'm 31 I had to just say what it is
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  • ChiTown33
    One of the few times we're going to agree.
    A few points I want to I highlight though. I can't speak for all men. I hate women that dumb themselves down for a guy. I mean don't get me wrong it's a nice thing to do for his ego and all but in the long run how do you not resent it?
    And point #4 I think that goes for both women and guys. People in general favorite subject is themselves.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    1. Signature scent should be just strong enough so that he only smells it when standing very close to you.

    2. Men thrive on feeling competent about themselves. Determine the areas of his greatest knowledge and ask him about those areas. If we feel that we have impressed you, that brings out our confidence.

    3. Men are visual creatures. If a girl shows up for a first date wearing a miniskirt and she flashes her panties getting in and out of a restaurant booth, then I may be aroused but there is no sense of mystery or quiet allure. If she is wearing a longer skirt or dress and she has my attention, then that plants the seeds of desire and wanting to be closer.
    • Oram52

      I totally disagree with No.3 why would mystery be lost with shorter skirt? I don't even like longer skirts. There is a difference between looking fine & sexy and trashy. If that stopped men getting closer or prevented seeds of desire not being sown women wouldn't wear short skirts or guys wouldn't love it. It clearly has intended result.

    • @Oram52 Except that you forget what question I was answering. It is "how to intrigue a man," not "how to get fucked."

    • WowwGirl


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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    I'm just myself, and those that get me. get me and those that don't, then we wouldn't be a good match...
    #4 is kinda a double standard tho I'd say...
    • WowwGirl


    • WowwGirl

      @Nawww I'd say that for men too

    • Birdlegs

      I don't know about double standard but that’s definitely what I’ve always been told about girls “just get them to talk about themselves” and you’re in😂

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  • Xitomyth
    I can't refute what you posted, but I would add that she should have both an exciting and yet calming effect on the man. Exciting when it comes to her, but calming when it comes to other things, some of us tend to overthink or spiral, some tend to have wild thoughts, and others just need an "anchor" at times in order to stay "grounded" or "tethered".
    • WowwGirl

      Well thank you for that I appreciate it

    • Xitomyth

      You are welcome, anytime!

  • Joey_007
    I disagree, first and for most never strive to captivate or intrigue you have to live your life for the sole sake of living it and nothing else don't do shit because "A intriguing woman has no time to be sitting around chasing after just another man" or "men are visual creatures" type of shit is that all you need to do is make sure your professional life is in order and he should always come second to that as for how you carry yourself dress for comfort and style your preferred style make sure your hygiene is top tier I'll give her scent but it just has to be a scent you like and you have to stick with it I guarantee you he'll think of you when he smells it and so will everybody else if there's ever been anything most women should work on is their conversation skill it doesn't have to be intellectual trust me dudes can have a conversation about whether or not they'd have sex with a girl with one boob like it's a philosophical conundrum it just has to be stimulating, interesting or entertaining
  • PaynefulPleasures
    In my opinion I look good for my age , smell good , work hard, play hard, I cling to myself no one else, take care of my needs, my want is to live life my way,& I don't need no man to tell me different. Love me or leave me alone ✌️ Strong, steadfast, straight up true!!
    • WowwGirl

      @PaynefulPleasures how do I know you? How do we know you? @Gwenhwyfar

      You had a different user name I know that I've spoken to you for many reasons. So please be honest because I will find out eventually who you are
      gag is all about who you know
      And I know everyone 🌺

    • WowwGirl

      Did you think nobody would know?

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  • Oram52
    Interesting. But definitely couldn't help but agree with, "No man wants a needy, whining, insecure woman."

    Even simple changes can go long way, simple things women can do to be more desirable. Take from example signature scent, with all those perfume Ads one would think women would but guess not. Good perspective.

    by the way where did you find that painting with woman eating apple.
    • WowwGirl

      Googled temptress don't remember past that

    • Oram52

      Damn nothing showing up for me :) Love the painting tho.

    • WowwGirl

      Sorry I can't help you more

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Well I don't want a woman running after mulitiple men, I don't like games, and I don't really care about talking about myself (I like headier topics then that) and she better be able to talk and hold a consversation, conversations by nature should be two way, otherwise I would say this is fairly accurate.
  • purplepoppy
    Standing out is the key. Just look at any group photo and there'll always be some one who pops out. It couldn't be something as simple as having a different hair colour but it draws the eye.
  • Djaay
    I disagree. Women should be more commitment worthy and find total cofidence in that alone. Men do not find women who are absolute independent or who are totally dependent to be an attraction. Deception , lies and untrustworthynes are a woman's cancer towards men thicker than honey or blood.
    • Djaay

      Being intrigued is for the young as they're dreamers still. The older have visions where there's nothing intriguing about a woman intrinsically cause they all look the same upside down. To be impressed beyond words then make a definite impression instead.

    • WowwGirl

      Good thing I usually date younger

    • Djaay

      Visions are clearer and tangible. Dreams are just that. Really what this all means is that the younger try to accomplish a dream set forth , where the older are living what was set forth. Intriguing is a word those use when they're considering they're destiny through dreams. Which is good to have dreams that motivate someone towards they're own self being. But the older have been there and done that and rather another word then is used... impressed.

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  • SnowyOwl
    Hey, is there a place i could read more about this "Covert Self-Offering" you're talking about. I wanna know what the psychology behind that is and how it affects attraction
  • Xoirwinkan
    Nice stuff! Show a hint of naughtiness, sympathise with male points of view (as in, don't be a feminist), be feminine, and pay attention to him, because guys get very few compliments in their lives, and having a girl laugh at your jokes is great.
  • Tunasub
    this is very good.. the only thing I would add is.. this all has to be genuine. It has to be who that women is every day. Overall👇🏾How To Intrigue A Man
    • WowwGirl

      Thanks man

    • Tunasub

      You are so very welcome

    • WowwGirl

      And I agree with genuine

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  • Jamie05rhs
    I disagree with 3b. A talkative woman is NOT clingy! She's simply a good communicator. There is never, ever, ever, anything wrong with that.

    I also disagree with 4. Though I am a Toby Keith fan, I'm not a narcissist, and I honestly don't need to talk about myself all the time. I am more than happy to talk about her. Just give me like 10% of the topics and I'm good.
  • AlexanderAnttila
    I don't get intrigued by women who try to be intriguing. I'm intrigued by women who are intriguing.
  • Avicenna
    Excellent points, but I think being friendly and charming is especially important and complements all of those points. A woman who has a great personality will be remembered by me a lot more than the hot ones.
    • WowwGirl

      Charm has done more for me in life then looks or education has

    • Avicenna

      I'd imagine so- you are indeed charming!

    • WowwGirl

      Mouth of the south

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  • Apope16
    This mytake is FIRE! It is reaaaaally god stuff! Ladies take some notes because if you follow this you will have a boyfriend. like fo realz.
    • WowwGirl

      Thank you sir I appreciate that

  • Feelicks
    Good read, agree on all points. I can can count on one hand the number of women I know who I can have an intellectual conversation with, and I find them all vastly more attractive for it

    Nice noir look by the way.
    • WowwGirl

      Thank you for all that.

      I love noir

  • joeldalton
    The girl in this video knows how to intrigue a man. https://www.youtube.com/embed/b7SnqaGMg5YShe starts at 00:53, then again at 2:12
  • MasseurDeMojo
    I know of many women who need to read this. They ask me why I am not talking to them; probably because they continually choose to converse when it is time for me to sleep, and will not stop blowing up my messages. I have gone to turning off notifications, so I can get much needed rest.

    Then they get mad at me, and call me a player, and a lire. No!! I just do not like women who have no sense of respecting my time and obligations, and continually ask me the exact same questions of what I am doing, that I cannot talk to them at 11pm my time; or what have I eaten, every single day!!! They become very annoying.

    Thank You for this!!! This is refreshing!!!
  • Anpu23
    I am a man and I approve of this message.

  • Exterminatore
    How to intrigue a man - take accountability for your actions and demonstrate an ability to objectively reason.
  • XavierSteele
    I think this was pretty spot on. If I can say anything I think it's that people forget one simple thing with regard to men, and that is we enjoy being able to act within our male nature in regards to women.
    Now before any dirty minds reading this too think I mean sex you're completely off the mark. Men since our earliest understanding of him has been in nature an agressive specie's. Women give us men a purpose other than worrying about ourselves.
    A modern man is best when he can be a benefit to the relationship even when not asked. We have a tender side but most men reserve that for a lady he feels comfortable showing that too.
    By that admission we are aggressive to a fault and it's through a woman's grace and affection we grow from boyhood to manhood.
    I believe we lose more and more men with each passing generation.
  • ChrisMaster69
    That’s a really good write up.

    I really like the challenge and intrigue of this type.

    I like that there is a hint of something else to uncover.

    standing out is really good, something that just catches the eye, it can be a little thing.

    body language is so important, that little dip of the head, little smirk, lift of the eyes.

    all give you something to focus on.

    Being able to talk intelligently and hold interesting conversation, show some drive and ambition.

    I keep saying I like confident, independent, feisty, intelligent, original, types of girl.

    needs to be a challenge.

    for example watched the last Lucifer tonight, Mazikeen is simply perfect.
  • chapawapa
    I dont really care about going out of my way to intrigue a dude. It's a waste of my time to give that much side thought. Unless it is a dude that I've decided is worth extra time and thought. I'll just be me. and they can either be interested or not. Not a big deal. I already have these things down for myself.
  • John_Doesnt
    Start by taking your top off, if he's not intrigued then you might need a boob job.
  • blondfrog
    I agree with everything except 4 Shut up and listen believe it or not. Let me explain why. I've noticed this being a problem. Weather its the man who takes over the conversation and starts talking about himself or the woman who takes over and starts talking about herself too much. The key for number 4 is never let the other person talk about themselves too much. The reality is that it should be pretty even. You as the woman also don't want the guy to do is just talk about himself all the time.
  • JayParris
    Everything here is true, plus some other stuff. But while I hate to say it, I think you lost about 90% of women (same as men, but this is focused on the ladies) right off the bat with #1. I learned a long time ago not to use intellectual conversations as a barometer of friendship or relationship material because that's too much of a limitation when dealing with most people. I've only met two people in my life who can truly have a mentally stimulating conversation. The rest just get that thousand yard stare and pretend to listen, so I recognize the situation and dumb down the conversation from that point forward.

    I'd substitute "act like you have some sense", because that in itself will weed out about 80% of the population
  • eyekneepain
    Wow you're attractive but you also like to call a lot of guys weaklings for some reason in your other questions and Takes ah well I don't know
    • WowwGirl

      Throwing you all a bone. Don't pay me to much attention I talk a lot of smack. I just love masculinity nothing wrong with men who aren't masculine but they seem to get upset I've my silly writings

    • Okay

  • AndrewMG
    Men are not different species. Regardless of gender the majority of people are attracted to good people. So if you want to attract/impress a person be your best self. End of.
  • loveslongnails
    Just curious... how much eye make up do you normally wear every day? Post a pic?
  • Miah02
    It's easy. Just say enough that gets them curious.

    Little suttle touches or looks. Tilts of heads.

    Statements that seem innocent but also might not be so innocent.

    Answer their questions but don't fully answer them
  • Goatmeal
    I feel like most attraction happens for somewhat intangible reasons. That being said, the advice to smell nice and to have a life instead of constantly demanding his attention was good. It's not that you need to be some super busy person with tons of friends who rarely has time for him. It's just that you need to give him a break and do your own thing some of the time. It also just makes you more interesting that you're doing stuff that interests you.
  • BakedBeanieBabie
    Some people are allergic to scents. This also goes far against the "ideal male v. s. female role" you typically preach. So, I'm not sure what anyone is supposed to take away from this.
  • Silas_153
    "Any man's favorite conversation topic is himself, so ask him questions about that topic. Make him think you are entranced with him and his vast knowledge give him the affirmation he is looking for."

    That's not MY favourite topic of conversation! In fact, I actually hate it when people ask me personal questions, questions about what I do, where I go, my past, et cetera. I'm not looking for "affirmation", I just want the other person to treat me with basic decency and respect, and not be condescending or engage in gaslighting.
    This entire post is about manipulating others, when the advice you should be giving is that if you want to intrigue anyone you should just be yourself and not tell your entire lifestory in one go. Put away the silly phone, and actually listen to the one sitting across from you in the restaurant or wherever you happen to be. It's not that hard you know. You're over-complicating things here.
    • WowwGirl

      @Silas_153 do you know the two things that distract all man or at least one will?
      Money and Women

    • Silas_153

      ALL men? There are some men (like gays, for instance) who aren't attracted to women (I'm not one of those, by the way, just saying), and as for money, I couldn't care less about it, because I have enough to live on and that's all I need. I don't need, or even want, to be a millionaire. Your generalisations just aren't true, you can't just lump an entire class of people together like this, and think they're all the same, now and forever.

    • WowwGirl

      Gays like money and talking about themselves

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  • Asianguy123
    just flesh your vagina that’s all. It will attract white guys. Asians and blacks not going to come though
    • WowwGirl


    • WowwGirl

      I've dated all over the place

    • SlavBoi

      Niggas are more likely to go for some white pussy mate. What are you a racist?

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  • Paulychicago10
    I agree with it, except for 4. Just don't try to chat 24/7. We like silence as well
  • Coolkat12345
    If your a girl and you want to attract men than just make sure to be super fit and dress really nice 👗 and make sure to dress CLASSY not THRASHY because nobody want to marry that trust me, guy will want to fuck a girl that dresses thrash true but not marry, understand that please and accept it as a fact woman please.
    • chapawapa

      Damn. a lot of men on this app love skinny girls. ...

    • chapawapa

      Fit **and well skinny too from what I notice

    • @chapawapa ya just like girls like guys who are not fat and muscular, guys like girls who are thin lol.

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  • dolemite89
    this is way too long it should just read “give good head and stop being so fussy and annoying” 🤣
  • Nazgol
    Good take. what do you think about when a girl shows interest first or overly interested without the guy repricoating? What would you do in that case, if you are not on the same page? Would it turn him off?
  • msc545
    I am quite certain all of this works quite well. You should write a book.
    • WowwGirl

      I've heard that before actually

  • Novacane
    I just want to say its really not that hard to intrigue a man, we are as simple as can be
  • have_a_good_day
    Even though I do agree that #WowgirlRocks... I stopped reading at the part that says "like honey attracts bees"..
  • moejoeloli
    Find what you have… and use it! We’re not borne even but everyone has a bit of power at least. Confidence is the most important thing in almost everything in this life. Train it. And be realistic.
  • callMeNeel
    This is the best mytake i read in a while! I agree with all the points.
  • Alyssa11
    I don’t intrigue men. They try to intrigue me💅🏻 Lol
    • WowwGirl

      That's no fun I love the chase

  • Pasiton5
    I agree with some of your points, confidence yes, intelligence of course, independence a must, shut up and listen, whoa hold up hit the brakes, maybe to some egotistical closed minded dude yeah, but this dude values his woman, thoughts ideas opinions i eat her to always speak up speak freely say her thoughts, and intelligent conversion only goes as far as intelligence of dude, i mean if all he talks about is his best okay on forthnight, or deep six whatever well not much stimulation going on there over all you should always be who you are from the time you say hi on till you say rest in peace, but do many are phoney as hell, always switching personalities like they do men just stay true to you if you got to constantly change your personality, it's time for professional help,, all i look for in s woman is the basics, honest, kind loving caring knows commitment, the basics of s good person we all have our quirks,
  • JosyJosy
    I just nodded throughout the whole thing... only the make him wait for the call.. I'm just lazy when it comes to that XD
  • Dchrls78104
    Good take. As a man I have to say that I like a girl who can relate to me intellectually (#1) and I would be repulsed by a needy, nagging, and insecure woman.
  • NoLookingAtSoleil
    You could try the European method - prostitute to a Mongol/Chinese and then impress him with your Gucci bags.
    Of course, when he hangs himself afterwards you'll have to bury him 🤷‍♂️
    • Oh; and - men don't fall for intrigue. We fall for sweetness and availability. Immediate emotional availability with no breakups of it just to test how he'd handle it (because by that you've ended it, the rest is wondering why you did that or revenge)

    • WowwGirl

      Fall for mine

    • Fall for your what? I don't see you in front of me in person.

  • DWornock
    Just do what women have always done to attract men. However, it is easier to attract a man than it is to keep him. You can drive a man away by being bitchy, demanding, difficult, or any of the foregoing unfavorable traits. Men are easy when they think they are doing well. However, if you are seeking men above your league, it is almost hopeless. Of course, they will fuck you because if available, that's what men do. However, since they can do better, they are not going to get into a serious relationship with you.

    Often you can hang on for a couple of years hoping that maybe you can catch him. That could happen but it is rare. Meanwhile, if you are much over 18, your desirability is decreasing with every additional year and while you are hanging on hoping, the top men you could have had will no longer want you.