Preferences are like fingerprints


Seems a lot of people assume there's one single quality that all men or women around them like. This is not true. There isn't one single trait, quality, personality, or flaw that all men or all women like. Just like we all have different fingerprints, eyes, hands, and faces. We all have different preferences when it comes to who we're attracted to.

While some guys may think she's the definition of beautiful, others may not be attracted in any way what so ever. While one girl might like that guy who gets really passionate about things, and has a tough time controlling his temper. The girl next to her may find him childish, and immature. While the first girl likes him for his personality, she may not like his blond hair and brown eyes. The second girl may love his looks. It's not that he's unattractive in general. It's that he's unattractive to that one girl, and maybe that girl a few people over, and maybe the one right beside her, and that one over by the parking garage. The point is that preferences aren't something unanimously agreed upon. People don't come out of a factory with a chip that says "You have a penis, you like big boobs, dark hair, and round asses. No exceptions." That's just simply not how it works.

Race is another one I see a lot. "Do white/black/asian/hispanic guys like white/black/asian/hispanic girls?" The answer is no and yes. Just like the girls in the last paragraph, Say we have a room full of diversity. All walks of life, all races. All of them strangers. Some will stay with their own race, and for others a multi-racial group of girls may be having a slow motion entrace across the room. Scattered throughout the room are guys just hypnotized by these girls. It's not because those girls are any more beautiful than the rest. They simply are more beautiful to some men in that room!

Preferences are like fingerprints...
While in some peoples worlds they may think that there's one specific look or personality that all guys or girls like. In reality, it's the picture above. Everyone has someone out there, that's perfect for them. Some guys may like red hair. Some guys may like blond hair. Some may like black, blue, or maybe even no hair. Just ask yourself why are there all these different shapes, colors, and personalities, if only one was is really preferred? The answer is that all shapes, colors, and personalities are attractive to someone!

You can make yourself up all you want but being you is the best way to go. It's the best way to go because there's someone out there that has been looking and searching their whole life for someone like you! Just be yourself and don't worry about it.

Preferences are like fingerprints
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  • Anonymous
    I disagree that preferences are like finger prints... Yes everyone has different taste and preferences but there is are 'universal factors' in which people find beautiful regardless of race and age. This is why certain people gets a LOT more attention than others. Why do some people attracts more people than others with a massive significant difference? That means that there are something that have a common factor in which people are drawn into.

    The golden ratio for example is present in nature and they can be found in our human body. Faces that meets that golden ratio tends to be more good looking. Another example is symmetry.

    Just like personalities.. Which is more likely attractive?
    you know the rest.. etc etc

    etc etc

    It is safe to say that the positive person has more chances.

    Attraction doesn't just happen randomly where people have completely different individually.. There are 'core' factors in which people are drawn into. 'Superficial' factors is what are variables that depends on people.
    Like fingerprints itself, the patterns (variables) are different but still made up of fundamental things (core) that share all the same to each one of us such us it is a series of tiny ridges.

    I suggest you look up what the scientific studies has to say about human attraction and human attractiveness. Read and watch and documentaries on YouTube.
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    • Yes among the billions of people out there, there are traits that a lot like. Like, simply being nice, honest, and kind. The point is that instead of trying to change and fit those traits, to just be yourself. Yes you can act and cake on make up or dress how you think people like. But doing that you are lying about who you are. You should just be you, everyday. Show up with whatever personality and look is uniquely yours and look for the person that is searching for that! Then go from there.

      You can ask people "What do guys/girls prefer?" but at the end of the day talking to that person and getting to know them is what will decide if two people are right for eachother. Not just acting the way you think they want you to...

    • completely disagree. You are considering attraction absolute, objective, and equating it with beauty. Beauty is different than attraction that is made between two. The word 'attract' itself makes the term subjective. Attraction is always made between two ends. And two ends have multiple reasons to attract each other. Attractiveness is 'effected' by the physical beauty to a certain point only, but it is determined in the eyes of the beholder and what his or her standards are.

      and the standards have different causes. from genetic preferences to social and cultural preferences and individual preferences depending on an individual's psychology.

      If the Golden ratio wanted to be a 'main' cause in attraction many groups who are generally far from it would not simply 'prefer' each other to breed. Simply saying, many people genetically have a feeling of attraction towards each other, making attraction between certain groups almost a subconscious feeling.

      Preference is far more...

    • …complex and has much more layers than finding someone physically beautiful or symmetrical.

      Though I say physical beauty ‘has’ effects on attraction and that is why we have popular people. But in those popular people too we see there is no universally liked individual. As much a person is popular there will be many who will not be attracted to her or him. Means even in the most symmetrical best state of beauty there are many factors involving in attraction between two individual.

      In the end attraction is both subjective and objective. And more subjective than objective. Preference may not be completely like fingerprints for ‘every’ individual but it is like fingerprints for groups with different physical and psychological preferences. And every individual in those groups again is only relatively similar to the individuals in that group and as an individual his preference is relatively unique.

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  • lordAlex818
    You hit the nail on the head. Although there are a handful of things that are almost universally agreed upon by guys (ie long hair vs short hair), most of attractiveness boils down to personal preference
    • Thank you! :-)

    • Sintjin

      I didn't know that long vs short hair was (nearly) universally agreed upon? O. o

    • @Sintjin Just like all other things, it's not...

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  • R3d_Anonymous
    Exactly, I have been trying to say this. Dating is best perceived subjectively. There is no right answer for how to look or act.

    For example, take clinginess. What one finds clingy, another might find not enough. You just have to find the one you are subjectively compatible with.
    • Sex, another example. Some want sex after one date. Others, not until marriage. Neither is wrong or right. They just have to find someone that matches their preferences.

      So yes, be who you want to be and let your freak flag fly.

  • harakiri
    Good take :)
    I agree, though it's kind of idealistic in a way
    • Yeah it is a bit. But at the same time people shouldn't think that there's one type that every guy or girl likes... It's much more unrealistic than this take is ideal!

      Happy you read it! I was starting to think no one would lol!

  • wölfin-fräulein
    I couldn't agree more. that was great. why didn't I follow you why didn't you follow me? can we?
  • NoDoubt
    He meant to post this under girlsaskguys, not sexual behavior!
    • Thanks babe!

    • NoDoubt

      You're welcome baby!!! ❤️❤️❤️ And I completely agree with your take!!! It's very true, and I hope a lot of people will read this!

  • joemm
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  • chocolatedragon
    While I agree with your take, I just find it so strange that I'm the only guy in my group of friend with no main racial preference.

    My preferences are based on body and hair. I like boobies, booty, and curly hair. I'm a simple dude.

    But when I hear my friends go into fine detail about the women they'd date and reject, I'm shocked.

    Shocked that people could so easily null out so many others out of their dating/fucking pool.

    But like you said, preferences are like fingerprints.
  • meatballs21
    You mean, guys don't just like militant fat (sorry, "curvy") girls? All those memes were LIES?
  • poppunk
    I really like this, well done.
    This is what I mean when I say give me all or give me nothing and that I can't date a guy who doesn't think i'm a 10. there's someone out there who does (hopefully)
    • I think there is. There's more than 7 billion people on the planet. There's probably loads of people who think you're pretty.

    • poppunk

      Im talking perfect 10 material here doe. Love shouldn't be a compromise so wish me luck

    • There are no perfect 10's. There's 9's that fit one guys preferences! I understand what you're saying though, and good luck!

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  • yes i agree with you.
    I just cannot understand the concern over it too. There won't be a single person out there whom all of us would like.
  • AshleyMD
    Very well said, and very true!
  • YourFutureEx
    Amazing pic. and good take too.
    • Thank you! Yeah, I love that pic! Conveys the message perfectly!

  • SatoBlak
    I'm a horse, so I can't relate to humans. I'd be categorized under different Species. Lol!
  • Michael_Rc46
    I agree 100% Good take
  • Anonymous
    Exactly what I've been trying to say all along!!!
  • Anonymous
    Well I agree with some of what you say but many people do want some of the same qualities in a partner such as looks, loyalty, humor and sexual compatibility.