8 Signs She Definitely... Probably Likes You!


Disclaimer: As you can guess not every will be like this...so calm down people :-)

8 Signs She Definitely...Probably Likes You!

#1: She “Tells” You She is Single

Girls know that guys can be hesitant and sheepish around girls they like — particularly if they are attractive. So if a girl is interested in you, she will often find a way to tell you that she is single.

It will rarely be any sort of direct communication, but she will drop multiple hints. And because girls know that guys are terrible at picking up subtlety, she will make sure to pepper them in.

She could:

make a comment about how she just broke up with her boyfriend
complain about how it is so hard to meet a “good guy” on Tinder/online/at the bar/at work/in life
listen to a song about being single (here’s to you Beyoncé) and point to herself and sing along energetically (this is not a joke)
talk about a character in a book or movie who is searching for love and then relate that character to herself
There are many ways that she could communicate her availability. Just keep in mind that when girls are around guys, they do not say random things for no reason – especially when it comes to romantic topics. So be on the lookout for these subtle hints.

If a point that she is making seems somewhat out of place, then make note of it. Chances are she wants you to pay attention.

#2: She Asks About Your Love Life (Subtly)

In terms of women, you might be wondering, “What if she doesn’t talk about her love life? Is she interested in me if she asks about mine?”

In all honesty, if a girl likes you, she’s probably already asked a mutual friend about your status and ascertained how single you may or may not be.

But in case she hasn’t or you two have just met, then her inquiries about your love life are definitely a clear sign that she is interested.

#3: She Finds a Way to Come to Your Place without an Official Invite

Many guys don’t seem to realize that, if a girl likes you, she will find a way to be around you. Girls are masters of reconnaissance and covert operations. They will find some ostensibly “good” reason to come over to your house.

Maybe they need some help with a homework assignment or work project. Maybe they want to play a board game with you. Maybe you like the same show and they need someone to watch it with. Maybe they want to borrow a piece of guy clothing from you (this is a big sign that she likes you).

Whatever the case may be, women will always find a way to be around you if they like you. But more often than not, they will usually do so through a mutual friend. It is very innocuous if they come to a party or event of yours as a guest of someone else (usually a female friend of yours). You cannot really say that they were not invited. And if the girl who is interested in you is attractive, then you probably will not find much reason to complain anyway.

#4: She Partners Up with You in a Game or Group

The whole point of attraction is to create a strong pair dynamic. And if a girl is interested in you, then she will try to create such a dynamic. She will try to be your partner in a game, or if you’re out to the movies, etc., with a big group of friends and people are splitting up, she will try to make sure she is partnered up with you.

But keep in mind this does not have to be a literal pairing. It’s also a strong sign of interest if she simply talks about the two of you as a pair. If you guys start getting into a ‘partners in crime’ dynamic, especially at her creation, then she is definitely interested.

Why is this so? Because all women want adventure. So if she likes you, she wants to be able to see you as a person who she can go on amazing adventures with.

#5: She Wants to be Alone with You

We all know that one of the first rules of dealing with girls is moving them. If a girl will move with you, if she will give you that compliance, then she is interested – particularly if it’s somewhere private. Girls aren’t stupid. If you ask them to go outside with you, or into a bedroom with you, or even into a dark corner, they know that you want to get more emotionally and/or physically intimate. And if they are at all interested, then they will acquiesce.

If they aren’t, then they’ll refuse, usually by making some hackneyed excuse like “needing to find her friend”. They always need to find the friend or go to the bathroom when they’re not interested. And yet, they always assuage your concerns with their promise to return. A promise that, as we all know, is never fulfilled.

#6: She Wants to Get a Ride with You

Whenever I go to or from an outing with a girl with whom there is potential mutual romantic interest, I always offer for her to ride there with me if I am driving or taking a cab/über. This seems like a very simple tactic, but it is a good one to determine if she interested.

Again, if she is interested in you, then she will find any excuse possible to be isolated with you. I find the ride to be an especially interesting one because it is so very innocuous while also requiring a good deal of trust. If she does not know you especially well, she is putting her safety and journey into your hands and likely separating herself from her friends.

#7: Her Friends Drop Hints

I was talking to a female friend of mine recently, and she was talking about a new guy that she was interested in. And the one thing that I remember asking was whether or not she was sure if the feelings were mutual. And I distinctly remember her response being: “Of course! My friends made so many comments about how cute we were together and about how we had good chemistry!”, as if it were incontrovertible confirmation of his potential feelings for her.

Men are not the only ones who know about framing. We may know what the practice is called, but women are the certified experts. So if you find a girl’s friends trying to frame you as a good couple or romantic pairing, then it is usually a sign that she is at least interested in you.

And the funny thing about this kind of framing is that even if she was not necessarily thinking of you in that way, her friend framing the two of you as a pair can put you into that potential lover category in her mind. So you definitely want to pay close attention when a girl’s friends start talking about how good the two of you are together.

#8: She Plays with Her Hair (Some may do it as a nervous habit)

This is a universal sign of interest. You should never wonder ‘is she interested?’ if a girl is playing with her hair. I would say through personal experience and first-hand observation, that 96% girls (YES I PULLED THAT NUMBER OUT OF MY BUTT) unconsciously play with their hair whenever they are around a guy they are attracted to. They just can’t help it. They just do.

So if that is happening right before your eyes, then you better know what the deal is.


Make a Move and Find Out

Dont be Jimmy Fallon :D


8 Signs She Definitely... Probably Likes You!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Falling4UTC
    Great take. I notice many girls act just like this when they like a guy. My friends actually tell me it too. Then there is me, I cut off practically all communication until forced to talk with my crush. Im so afraid of saying the wrong thing that I say nothing at all. The only hint is the quick glances at him all the time or my friends pushin me towards him to talk with him.
    If the girl is a more reserved person, she will probably act more like I do.
    Again, great job on this take. From what I have read in the comments you sound like such a great guy :)
    would you mind messaging me once? I need help with a situation I can't understand on my own.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      Thanks! Yeah a shy girl will always have a different approach to guys. She can't allow herself to be too forward and try to hang out with the guy so it ends up in eye contact at the most unless the guy approaches.
      Yeah I'll message you in a while... just a bit bit busy right now :)

    • No problem :) and definitely haha. Thank you so much by the way :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Max_Powers
    1. Nope
    2. Nope
    3. Nope
    4. Nope
    5. Nope
    6. Nope
    7. Sorta
    8. Nope.

    Likelihood of me getting with my crush: Very high!!!

    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous


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  • PiuBelloAmante
    wow the takes i have read today have been great!
    great advice on picking up the signs of attraction, please make a part 2!
    maybe something like "How to make a girl interested" sub title (solving the impossible)
    • Anonymous

      Haha thanks! That's funny because that was exactly what my next take was going to be about :)

    • go for it bro! i will definitely read it!

  • forgottenmonkey
    So funny I had a shot with my high school crush a year or so after we graduated. I was friend-zoned all through hs by her partially because she was involved at the time. But when we started hanging out again she did all these things. Shame I was too stupid to see it.
    • Anonymous

      Aww man... at least you know now if you ever meet up again lol

    • She has been in a serious relationship since almost right after I shot down the idea. So i doubt I see that change. as for me learning it never happened, I know all the signs but I get so clueless when Im around a pretty girl. Normally Im the king of wit but put me with someone I like and Im all thumbs. Which has actually led me to attract a shit load of cougars

  • Prettykangaroos
    Lol I wish the guys I was doing these things to in high school read this list! They never caught on!
    • Anonymous

      They were so young and lacked my proper guidance haha
      So you agree with these points? Nothing too exaggerated?

    • Nope this is basically my life from high school- creating covert operations. Lol!

    • Anonymous

      Haha but I'm sure your skills are better by now
      You probably stumbled on what you really meant to say back then :P

      But I'm sure you're a pro Kangaroo now back then you were just a "Joe" lol

  • Agrojag
    I had a girl do most if not all of these things with me then when I confessed I liked her she only wanted to be friends.
    • Anonymous

      There are some girl who just tease another one of life's lesson.
      Or maybe she liked you but didn't want a relationship... who knows.

    • Agrojag

      She said it was the latter. Of course that friendship didn't work out.

    • Agrojag

      In her words,"She rides solo."

    • Show All
  • YourFutureEx
    Wish you were not anon so that I'd meet another great guy. :)
    • Anonymous

      Lol if it helps we did talk on another question before :)
      Anon is permanent on mytakes lol

    • There are thousands I've talked before O_O

    • Anonymous

      It's now a constant mystery :D

    • Show All
  • epiman94
    O shoot. I've been Jimmy in the past. *Facepalm* :'(
    • Anonymous

      I was hoping the video would show up but oh well at least you saw it haha
      We've all been Jimmy xD

    • epiman94

      Great take BTW! And the video was hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks man! Yeah I was laughing like crazy when he realized lol

  • Scrambled
    Ha ha... wow yeah, no, never happened to me. Makes sense. I reckon I could come up with a friendship zone list..."how to tell she likes you as a friend and not a partner"
  • scrappygirl
    I've never done any of this stuff when i was interested in a guy i just told him
    • Anonymous

      Lol so you don't know how to flirt?

      Not that being forward is bad... but if you didn't do anything even similar to this then you never really flirted.

    • i know how to flirt I've just never seen the point in dropping hints and expecting the men to pick up on them like most women do

    • Anonymous

      It's all part of the chase... it makes things exciting. Not that we shouldn't eventually say how we feel. But seeing how a girl is punching you and teasing and being flustered and having a guy try to charm you to prove himself that's all a great boost in the dating game.

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  • Hopefuldreamer8
    I've heard other girls do this, but I definitely don't. I'm shy though. I never want to ask the guy I like about his love life because I don't want to hear about it. My best friend does a lot of this when she is interested in a guy though.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    Well shit, my crush does like none of this. Then again, I only see her at work, and we rarely work at the same time any more.
    I think she might be playing hard to get though... and she's inexperienced.

    Does this even apply to 17 year olds?
    • Anonymous

      Girls learn the game young haha yeah it applies to you too I missed on a lot of things too when I didn't know the signs

  • luvme56
    Awesome take...

    The playing with hair is 100% true... cause i saw multiple girls in my class doing that when theu were around me...

    I know heartbreaker! ;)
  • bubble_tea
    Oh my.. I've done many of these things, but I wasn't interested in them in that way at all.. 😳
    • Anonymous

      Such a tease! lol

    • Maverickj

      This is why giving signs is a bad idea in general, for both genders really. It's very subjective.

    • bubble_tea

      WTF take owner! LOL I just have curious nature AND was trying to make FRIENDS! A lot of those things are what you do when you prefer to meet in small groups to just two people, because you would just mostly listen to them talk otherwise -.-

      @Maverickj Yeah, I'm completely oblivious of 'signs' guys give too.

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  • meatballs21
    #3 would freak me out - she just shows up on my doorstep?
    • Anonymous

      Lol not like that xD
      More like she invites herself over by saying "Hey I should come over so we can watch that movie"

      Not creeper level lol

    • That's less creepy... still a little bit unusual.

    • crystalt70

      I would never just show up on a guy's doorstep, nor would I invite myself. If I didn't get and invite and wanted tobhang out with him, I would either invite himbover or invite him out.

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  • Xylem
    Or you can call that like, "8 signs to know she definitely friendzoned you."
    • Anonymous

      If you believe in the friendzone then guess what... you belong there.
      If you like a girl then show her, the only reason they see you as a friend is because that's all you offer them. People don't "get" friendzoned they friendzone themselves.

  • Cam700
    Okay genuinely didn't think this applied to me until I totalled up the no. that accounted to someone a long time ago 😂 I'd say the most obvious insight I'm interested is I insult the guy more than normal (great play hey 👍)
    • Anonymous

      Lol I always notice when a girl is being more mean haha it's usually followed by a couple punches too xD

  • dipta
    #3 and #8 are not true for me... But all the 'hints' are quite obvious actually...
    If I show up in your house, how could it get any more obvious than that? >___<
    • Anonymous

      Like my first line said not all girls will be like this lol and still even though it is obvious a lot of guys still can't tell any of the signs... we don't think like women, it's not really fair that you expect guys to think like you... now is it?

    • #3: She Finds a Way to Come to Your Place without an Official Invite

      #8: She Plays with Her Hair

      By saying that #3 and #8 are not true for you, do you mean that you do those things around a guy that you aren't interested in, or that you don't do those things around guys that you do like?

    • dipta

      @rocksongwriter I don't do those things around guys that I like.
      Actually I also don't show up in anyone's house without having been invited or unless I know them quite well. May be a cultural thing though.

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  • Nathand
    Followed crap like this for years and where did it get me?
  • TankSinatra
    Don't think I've seen these talking to a girl in the entire 19 years I've been alive. Of course, I am very ugly so it's understandable and I'm really shy and not confident just to rub salt on the wounds.
    Guess I'll be alone and depressed my whole life.
    • baarkmann

      yeah but take pride in the fact, your'll get used to it, everyone dies alone anyway,

  • Foreverafter23
    No girl ever have asked me about my love life that I remember, I have seen them play/preen their hair around me, that I have., all I can see is girls smile at me and talk and act somehow flirty with me, they open up to me even sharing TMI things but never any of the things this article mentions, maybe it all differs from person to person.
  • nickbrick
    Great Article!!! Your points were solid. Loved it! I also loved the Jimmy Fallon comment. He is amazingly funny.
  • Perf4her
    A lot of people here are saying it's difficult to talk to their crush... Blame cellphones :P lol when you can sit safely behind your phone for hours and talk to the person you like but then freeze up in person you know you like them lol
  • theCatcherintheRye
    Well yeah accurate, nice take. I've never done any of it though (I guess I've never had a crush? O. o) except for the playing with hair part.
    • Anonymous

      Not even number 2? I figure most girls would end up asking about his love life lol

    • Oh no no it's waaaaay to obvious lol

    • Anonymous

      Based on how thirsty he acts around you xD

  • AngelinaJones
    Im Angelina and I approve this message. ;)
    • Anonymous

      It's official people!! Angelina said so :D

    • ˊ ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `'F'¯'''''L ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
      ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `'[``…'¾`` ``` ``` ``` ```
      ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `'[```…ʹ[` ` ` ` ``` ``` ```
      ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `#````ˆ[```` ``` ``` ``` ``
      ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `'#``…``'[`… ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `
      ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` #…`````'F`` ` ` ` `` ``` ```
      ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ƒ¯```````'[__` ` ` ` ` ` ` ``` ``
      ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ƒ¯````````ʹ¯¯¯¯''''''''''''¯¯¯¯¯¯™[ `
      gµµµµµµµµµµµµµµ_µ™`````````````````````````'# `
      '₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫F¯…`````````````````````` ` ²q[¯ ` `
      ʹ₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫¾````````````````````````````ʹ} … `
      ›₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫#`````````````````````````__µr… ` `
      ³₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫…`````````````````````````¯[ … ` `
      `₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫$``````````````````````````_F … ` `
      `]₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫#````````````````````````ʹ''''[… … ` `
      `'₫₫₫₫₫₫₫F''''']₫#___`````````````````````` '# … ` `
      …₫₫₫₫₫₫₫bµ₫₫₫₫$¯''''¹uuuuuɷuɷuɷuɷuɷuɷµ#¯ ` ` ` ` `
      …'''''''™''''™'''™''''™™ … … ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` … … ` ` `
      ` … ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` … ` … ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` … `

    • Anonymous

      OH MAN
      Say it ain't so... is that the legendary see of approval


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  • Canterbury_Bellz
    But then there are shy girls... We would blush, or stare, or smile.
  • JustinX9
    too bad i never encountered these hints... i guess girls are not simply attracted to me
  • Chick180
    Yay. From now on all the 'Does she like me?' Questions are getting linked to this take.
    • Anonymous

      Have you caught yourself doing any of these?

      It's even funnier seeing all the guys saying "I guess no one like me :(" Lol

    • Chick180

      I usually just tell a guy I like him if I do lol. But, I do tend to play with my hair when I'm nervous.

    • Anonymous

      Things would be a million times easier if people were more upfront about it all lol
      We'd be able to get rid of all the "He/She looked at me, does that mean he wants me?" haha

  • Hannah591
    How do you know women so well? Good take. :)
    • Anonymous

      Before you started following me... you asked if I was interested in writing a take?
      This is it... I had to impress you lol

      But seriously I'm just really observant when it comes to human behavior
      Thanks! :)

    • Hannah591

      You didn't have to impress me but you should write more! You obviously have a good grasp on women that other male users could definitely find handy. I like watching human behaviour too, clearly it's been beneficial to you. :)

    • Anonymous

      I don't want to expand too much on personal experiences because that's when some people just come out to say not all "___" are like that. Which makes it harder to develop more takes lol
      I enjoyed reading your... why exes call take :)

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  • ElvenMr
    Whatever, i think i'll never know when someone likes me that way.
  • HashtagHashbrowns
    If she's openly discussing her love live, she probably sees you as a friend

    The other points are true
    • Anonymous

      The only thing she says about her love life is that she's single. If she brings it up then it's clearly not friendship.

  • moxygirl11
    Constantly blushing
  • Joshua2332
    Can someone elaborate more on number 7?
  • SakuraChii
    I totally agree with 8,7, 5 and 2 :P
  • Consultant
    The play with your hair is a classic one.
  • Baarkmann_RISING
    Never had any of this lol
    • Anonymous

      Now you know lol

  • Anonymous
    I don't do any of that... but I would if I could.
    • Anonymous

      You would if you could? What's stopping you lol

    • Anonymous

      My lack of confidence, I suppose.

  • Anonymous
    I guess girls don't like me :(((
    • Anonymous

      Lol cheer up pal :D

  • Anonymous
    Damn I must be the biggest heartthrob Ever if thats the case! cause i get these reaction with almost every girl i meet. and i do mean every single reaction.
    • PhiOmega

      Ohhhh! We got a playa!

    • Anonymous

      yea wonder why I'm still single.

    • Anonymous

      Damn bro you get around lol maybe now you need to ask one of those girls out lol

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  • Anonymous
    This is great!
  • Anonymous
    Ha these things happen to other people. The notion is ridiculous.
    • Anonymous

      I don't understand your point, mind elaborating?

    • Anonymous

      Brah I'm just being stupid. It was ploy of sarcasm saying that this stuff doesn't happen too often.

    • Anonymous

      The thing is they do happen. But I'm guessing someone your age (I'm guessing high school)
      would be more limited towards certain points I made. Like driving or coming to your place.

      As you get older a lot of things change and you'll notice it a lot more... given of course you find a girl who likes you.

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  • Anonymous
    Since 100% do not like me I'm gonna kill myself
  • Anonymous
    You know me so well.
    However, now that I'm in college I just ask him out on dates and they seem to get the hint I'm into them.
    • Anonymous

      Lol I'll take that as a compliment :)
      Yeah good thing is that once we get older most people gain a lot of confidence to break the patterns.

  • Anonymous
    Stop sending signals and start using proper communication.

    Grow up girls.
    • Anonymous

      Shhh let's not start a fight lol just read the signs better lol

    • Hannah591

      If a girl states she's single, it's pretty obvious she's letting you know for a reason. She's not going to say "ask me out" because we fear rejection just as much as you and we wouldn't want to appear desperate.

    • Hannah591

      However, if she likes attention and tells everyone in a sad way, she's most likely just getting attention, not sending a signal.

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  • Anonymous
    Really good take, actually. I say "actually" because it seems like GAG just promotes every take that is written. But this one genuinely deserves it!
    • Anonymous

      Thanks! Means a lot to hear it :)