How to approach strangers and ask them out


How to approach strangers and ask them out

These days, the internet and smartphones have made it quite easy for us to share our romantic or physical interest with one another without even having to open up our mouths. But what about that cute girl working at your local bookstore? Or that handsome guy jogging alongside your house every morning? How can you approach them without screwing it up or beeing creepy? Well, here's how.

1. Don't take it too seriously

Asking someone out is not some life changing event that will instantly either kill you or bring you eternal happiness. It can be the start of a great journey, yes. But nothing more. It is only the first small step into many potential steps toward a relationship. If it goes wrong, there will be plenty of opportunities to make such a small step again. If you do not make such a big deal out of the situation, the other person will feel much less threatened.

2. Be yourself

Whenever you plan on approaching a cute girl or guy, remember one very important thing: be yourself. There is no reason for you to try to be anyone else, or to feel pressured that you may not meet their 'standard'. When you meet someone new, it is important to know that when and if you create a connection, it should be based on the kind of people you both really are. Otherwise you will never be able to build something you both want. Go up to this person, tell them how you feel about them and just be yourself. Let the rest unfold and if it's the right person you're talking to, it'll go just fine.

3. Prepare a little

Don't think you need to write a whole script or anything. But if you get anxious really easily; practise some things you'd want to say to this person in the mirror (or anywhere you feel comfortable) beforehand. When you have a couple things you'd wish to say to this person ready at will, it'll become much easier to avoid a blackout. But...

4. Don't use pickup lines

Pickup lines are always an indirect way of saying "You seem great and I would like to get to know you, but I'm too afraid to say this to you directly, so I'll use this cheezy sentence to make this even more challanging than it already is!". Don't use them. "You seem great and I would like to get to know you" or any close variant to that will do just fine. The person you should probably want to be with will appreciate your honesty. Just make sure you say it in a casual way. Try not to make a huge deal out of it.

5. The first second of approach is the hardest

The anticipation can be bad, but the moment you have to go for it is always the hardest part. This is where 3. comes in handy. Have something to say to get rid of the first couple seconds. When the cat's out of the bag, the rest will not be so hard anymore. If you've found the right person, it'll likely be a positive experience from that moment onwards.

6. Do it on a good day

Love is timeless. You don't have to force yourself to do it at any given time. Wait until you feel the time is right, then go for it. If you feel a bit off, give it some rest. But don't hesitate to take a chance either!

7. Give them your number

If you're too afraid to ask the other person for their number, give them yours. Realise that, at this point, the other person probably hasn't thought this way about you as much as you have about them, so it is not wrong for them to initially hold back or reject you. Write down your number on a piece of paper and tell them they can contact you if they ever change their mind. This way the other person won't feel threatened at all. He or she will give it some time and they could very well chat you up a couple days later.

8. People are wimps

Asking people out can still be a scary thing. You should know that if you ever bring up the courage to approach someone you like, you will have done something most people will not even consider ever doing. Take pride in the fact that you have considered doing something like this, and take even more pride in the fact that the other person will most likely find it very courageous of you to ask something so personal. Don't let the wimps of society demotivate you. If you want something, you take it!

How to approach strangers and ask them out
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  • LittleSally
    Hahaha Loved it!

    I do this sometimes and it's really kinds cool. it's a cool, but a little terrifying feeling as well...
    I never prepare, though... That might be my fault. xD
  • talldude
    how to appraoch girls simple guide limited edition: -be handsome-be at least 6'2-be rich
  • Anonymous
    This is contradictory on some pints such as #1 intermingled with #2 but then #3 and #5 instigate that the difficulty exists because of #1 and #2 which in turn states that #4 (don't use pick-up lines, A. K. A. common approaches) is wrong despite being inherently necessary (which means you meant don't use "corny" lines, total difference) and so forth and so on.

    Below amateur.
    • dus10

      Yeah, I noticed when I was writing it as well. But that's why it's a myTake isn't it? It's how I experience the situation. It works for me, so it could work for you. I guess "corny" lines would be a better way of saying it. But you know what I meant by it, so isn't that really just fishing for mistakes? Pickup lines are corny.

      Calling me below amateur is fitting, but still rude. Be nice please.

    • Don't listen to this guy. It's a good take that anyone with a brain can understand, and unnecessarily picking it apart like this and insulting you just shows he's an immature asshole who probably has very little to no success with women.

    • Anonymous

      That's right, don't listen to that guy, anyone with a brain can totally detangle and figure out what you meant to say versus what you did say. That bad, bad man, no no no, let's instead listen to only praise because criticism is worthless.