Why does being a "good guy" have such negative consequences? Always left in the dust?

Ok so here I am. A "good guy." I'm not into the drug scene or drinking. I live by the rules and I treat everyone with respect and I'm nice to everyone. If a friend asks for a small favor, I'm happy to fulfill it. I'm pretty selfless... It's just not who I am to reject people or to treat them poorly or whatever. I'm a very mature person, but I can joke, laugh, and have a good time with people. And like I said, drugs and alcohol aren't needed for me to have a good time.

Now here I see all these girls with all these "bad guys"... And I don't understand why they're attracted to them and all the BS drama that comes with it.

"Oh its so exciting!" Well... wouldn't being in a happy relationship with a "good guy" be more exciting? To know that things are going great all the time and that the girl is loved and doesn't have to wonder?

I know that's how I approach relationships, despite ever being in one... :( The girl I'm with WILL be loved and appreciated all the time. She won't have to wonder how I really feel about her. And I will NOT ever pull some lame move like cheat on her or whatever. No drama. I just want to be happy and I want my Girlfriend to be happy.

Also this sucks about being the nice guy... I've totally fallen for this amazing girl, but she's gotten with another guy and here I am left in the dust. I expressed interest in her, it was taken well it seemed.

But she's with another guy and sometimes I just wonder, why? It's not that he doesn't treat her well, but its just the decisions he makes aren't smart exactly and I just wonder what is so attractive about him to her that wasn't attractive about me. It makes me wonder what's wrong with me... And I know that this guy is NOT for her, yet she's with him and I know that I'd be a great guy for her.

I've never really wanted to date until I met this girl and I'm 19. I've just found someone that I really like for all the right reasons and that gives me that special feeling inside. Something I've never had before. But it's like being an all-round "good guy" never gets me anywhere in life.

Girls: What is it that is so unattractive about guys like me? I'm not too forward with being interested in someone, but I do drop pretty clear hints from time to time. It's not that I'm bad looking or anything. It's like right away though, girls sense that I'm not a "bad boy" and don't give me any attention whatsoever. I don't give off that "bad-vibe" I guess.

Why does being "good" have such "bad" consequences? It's not in me to be a "bad" person, nor would I be just for the sake of getting a date, but how do I attract girls given the info I've shared? It sucks knowing that you're a great guy and you'd be a great Boyfriend to any girl that would go out with me, but I just can't get a date.

What do I need to do? I'm sick of being left in the dust, but I take pride in being the kind of guy I am, and I'm not gonna change for the sake of getting a date.

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All the "good" girls around me aren't attractive to me in the slightest... The girl I was talking about? She gives off the impression that she's a "good" girl. I know she is, but she hangs with the "bad" crowd. I wouldn't like her if she was "bad."
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Good guys can be a lot of fun too! How is a good guy boring?
Why does being a "good guy" have such negative consequences? Always left in the dust?
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