Why do “nice guys” think that’s enough to compensate EVERY OTHER character flaw they may have?

Please read it all ☺️

I nearly lost my mind when I heard ANOTHER guy talk about how nice guys finish last.

Girls don’t WANT jerks. We don’t wake up and say “I hope my boyfriend treats me like shit today!! 😀😀”

“Good” and “nice” guys are in very short supply first of all. Most dudes take FOREVER to grow up and mature out of their shit head phase. So lots of ladies are tolerating this bad behavior because they basically have no choice.

I’m not saying there aren’t women who go through this same shitty phase, but most women tend to mature faster.

And the HANDFUL of these so called “nice guys” are sometimes WORSE than the jerks. You wanna know why? Because they put themselves on such a high pedestal! They are usually people who are the EXTREME version of nice or just “fake nice”.

Extreme nice: Overbearing, clingy, broke af, unattractive (sometimes), pushover, whiny, always living in a fantasy land, socially awkward, gullible

Fake nice: Entitled, irresponsible, controlling, wants things to move at THEIR pace only, constant need for validation, uses “nice” as a manipulative tactic to get their own way

Also, there are some middle ground nice guys who seem ok, but they do lack some knowledge when it comes to keeping up the passion. Girls get bored of these dudes because they just aren’t keeping the flame alive.
Everyone has to be mindful of that whether you’re a woman or man. But for “nice guys” in particular, they think that being nice will be enough to satisfy their partner. That’s just not the case.

I know there are women who just take advantage of nice guys, and I feel sorry for them. However, they still apply as an extreme nice because I listed “gullible”. If you aren’t smart enough to recognize you’re getting played, that’s on you.
Why do “nice guys” think that’s enough to compensate EVERY OTHER character flaw they may have?
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