He gives me MUCH longer hugs! Do they mean anything?

Says it all really. I've known the guy and liked him for more then two years. He knows it too. He is quick hugging his other girl... friends. With me it's almost like it's just us and nobody else and I feel his want to hug. He was a little drunk last night and hugged for even longer as well.

Think my magic might finally be working?

My worry was that he viewed me as a little sister in the past, but I'm a lot more confident now. :)


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  • Sorry but like the other girls said don't over think the hug. I have a friend exactly like that who knew I liked him a year ago and he loves hugging people too, and at times I thought maybe he liked me. But truly he didn't, huggin was just as natural to him as breathing and laughing. Not to mention the fact that he also loved the attention he got (He's always hugging tons of girls). But now I realized I like him a lot better as a friend more than anything else anyway.

    • I'll still keep hope. :)

    • Yeah, don't give up hope at all! Who knows you guys might be soul mates =P But just don't think into things too much, for most guys usually aren't.

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  • I kinda agree with the other girls. Hugs do not NORMALLY mean much. When he hugs you what does he do with his hands and how does he hug you? What does he say when he hugs you? Does he ever kiss you on the forehead after or as he hugs you?

    I would say without knowing the answers to those questions that he might just feel closer to you as a friend and just gives your a little longer hug.

    • No, it just feels as if the world stops in that split second. With everyone else who he's known much longer then me, he gives them quick hugs. They're on his course so he's closer to them I think. That's why I was wondering.

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    • Ask him to come over to watch a movie together. This would give you two some alone time. You have the option of watching a chick flick or a scary movie. The scary movie would give you a good reason to get close to him especially during the scary parts..lol.

      You need something to let him know your interested. Does he wear cologne?

    • No, I could never have the guts and he doesn't but I remember in our halls of residence two years ago (where I first met him) he would be smeling of deodrant, lush! loll I think the thing is, I asked him for a drink in February but he never replied so I nearly gave up but then just recently I've only started to be myself and like who I am. He confides in me a lot, and instead of an hour conversation every five months in a blue moon he now communicates with me every day in some form or another!

  • The girls I like the most, or have a connection to, get the best hugs. I do not hug everyone the same, but, that's just me.


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  • i wouldn't overthink this to much a hug is such a universal thing, my ex gives me long hugs but other people shorts ones and we don't like each other like that anymore. But if you feel like it may mean somethign else I would investigate and c how he feels its worth a shot!

  • I also wouldn't read too much into that... could be that he just sees you as a good friend or maybe because he knows you better he feels more comfortable giving you a hug. My best guy friend gives me long hugs too, but he definitely doesn't like me more than a friend.

    • He knows all the other girls much more then me! They're the lot he goes out with to clubs.

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