How do I stop getting approached by sleazy men and attract a better class of man?

I am intelligent and I want to come across this way without compromising my looks.

I keep getting approached by sleazy looking men and feel that my look does not appeal to good/intelligent/smart men and was wondering what I could do about it.

Is this something all women face or is there something I can do to stop it?

A lot of people tell me I'm attractive... but instead of normal or attractive men approaching me, I keep getting approached by such disgustingly sleazy men with sex on the brain.

Whilst many women tell me I'm pretty, I have a look which seems to really, really appeal to losers.

Let me make this clear: I am not discriminative of men based on how they look. Guys of my age who look average or even not hot are fine for me as long as they are well-intentioned.

But I am discriminative of men based on them having a look which says they should not be lusting after young girls.

The guys I'm talking about are often older, fat, slimey, lustful looking men. Not to be racist but they are usually ethnic minorities from countries that don't respect women.

So, my image:

I have long blonde hair, but only because my hair is naturally blonde and I can't afford to get it cut that often with the prices.

I wear non-provocative clothes i.e. trainers/sneakers, jeans, normal shirt and jacket.

I wear a little eye-liner, mascara and concealer. Not heavy make-up.

How do I attract the right kind of man? p.s. obviously I don't go to bars/clubs and expect to meet decent men. I'm talking about malls, internet cafes, libraries.

I'm petite and I think there is something about me which looks vulnerable. How do I counter this?

Does hair colour really make a difference in how men judge women (be honest)?

I'm a natural light blonde and as I'm so fair, I don't think dark hair would suit me but if it meant being taken seriously I would definitely do it.
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Let me make it clear that I'm 17 years old and I don't want to be approached by old, slimey men.

If you don't understand what a slimey man is and are purposely misunderstanding my question - don't answer.
How do I stop getting approached by sleazy men and attract a better class of man?
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