I have a fatty crush on my lab partner!! Help!

I put this in the flirting category at first, but I think it probably belongs here.

So I have a fatty crush on my lab partner. He is really nice and he always smiles whenever we talk. He's really shy,but he's still really sweet to me. He 's not very good at conversations, but he always tries to talk about something. Its usually just small talk/ lab talk, but whenever we talk about other things, it seems like we have a lot in common and feel the same way about things. It seems like he wants to get close when we work on our experiments, ( he tries to stand close or bump hands), but he sometimes abruptly backs off. Its also confusing because it seems like he wants to chat after lab, but at the last moment, he rushes away :( I hope he doesn't have a girlfriend!

Anyway, today after lab we both said bye and then went our respective ways. When it was time for lecture, I came into the room and saw him sitting in my seat! Its the seat I've been sitting in since the beginning of the semester , so I was kind of surprised to see him sitting there. Maybe he sat there by accident or maybe someone stole his seat, but he knows I sit there because he sits a row above me and he can see me from there. Anyway, I wanted to sit next to him, but I was afraid he might be saving the seat next to him for a friend, so I just sat two rows down (and completely ignored him as I walked past!) . I'm really shy as well and I have no game whatsoever, so I don't really know what to do :( Or maybe I'm just overreacting...

I know he's shy because I had a class with him last semester and we both sat in the back of the class and were the only ones in the class who never answered questions or participated. I still see him walking around campus with his hands in his pockets and looking down and avoiding eye contact with people, so he is still as shy as ever :P

I guess my questions are, do you guys think he likes me? Or is he just a nice, shy guy?

And did he sit in my seat on purpose to talk to me? Or was it just a coincidence?

Since I'm super shy myself, I don't really know how to put myself out there and let him know how I feel?. Are there any subtle ways to show him that I think he's adorable :P?


I have a fatty crush on my lab partner!! Help!
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