My crush laid on me. What does this mean?

So we're 15 years old and we were in the break room with the rest of our class waiting for our teacher. Everyone was talking and on their phones and running up the stairs and playing catch, etc. I laid on the couch and put my feet up on the side of it. Then my crush walked over and said "I'm gonna lay on you. You're my pillow" jokingly. Then he sat down on me while I was laying down and laid back against the couch so that I was laying almost flat and he was upright. He also did that weird tickling thing to my knees and when he learned that my left knee was ticklish he kept doing it and looked at our friend and said "It's this knee". We kept talking to the rest of our friends but then we just stayed like this quietly just chillin until our teacher came.

We've been getting closer over the past few months and we tease and joke with each other a lot but we also talk normally. He catches my eye a lot and makes faces and plays with me too. He told me I was beautiful the same day too and I said "Aww... And you're guapo (handsome in Spanish)". But he said this to another one of our friends too. Anyways, last week I gave him a tight hug for the first time and he squeezed me back a little. I continue to catch him looking at me but I purposefully avoid making eye contact sometimes. He also listens to me when I'm talking in class and agrees and shakes his head in understanding when I say things.

Back at the Barnyard (did I really just put that), this is the closest we've ever been and I felt completely comfortable with it. What does this mean and any ideas as to what I should do next?

Thanks, Peace

PS: This is the first dude that I ever felt like the crush is something deeper, where I admire every little thing about him, love learning new things about him, and am disappointed when he does something he's not supposed to do... As if he personally affects me... But it feels like it. And I'm completely comfortable around him.
My crush laid on me. What does this mean?
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