If she obviously likes me why does she play games?

It makes no sense really. I met this girl at a horrible time where most would run away. She had a restraining order against her ex and was in and out of court and her mom passed away but I stuck by her side. I was her shoulder to cry on. She told me I was an amazing guy and that if things were different we'd be together and we would be amazing. So why throw it away? Or is it she wasn't interested and just used me while she needed me and then used a cowardly excuse to leave? What makes matters worst is she still flirts with me. but if I don't make the effort I would never hear from her (she never calls or texts, we work at the same place)... A lot of things happened but I honestly never did anything to fall into the category of the bad guy. If anything I was to available for her. When she broke it off with me I got drunk and got in a fight with her. She said that was the real me although that was the furthest thing from the truth. Its been months now and I still have to see her every now and then. She tries to get my attention whenever I ignore her or am talking to other girls. She flirts with me all the time. She tries to make me jealous by telling stories of guys hitting on her. She obviously still likes me yet she plays this idiotic game. The smartest thing that ever came out of her mouth was that we would be amazing together. Why is everything else she says just stupid? Why ladies if you find someone who is amazing do you play games? I tried moving on, I just keep getting pulled back in... I hate how bad it hurts
If she obviously likes me why does she play games?
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