He turned me down but why is he still flirting?

A few years ago I used to ask questions on here about my coworker. We no longer work together but he became my closest friend after I quit. I used to show him dirty pics of me & tease him at work. I was never shy about telling him I liked him so he's always known.
He came over to hang out at my house one day last spring. We hadn't seen each other in a while so we watched a movie & caught up. Mind you he showed up around 11 pm lol. After a few hours I sat closer to him & made a move. He totally went with it. We had sex that night he left around 6 am. After that it became a regular thing.
He's a guy that doesn't show much emotion or affection & doesn't like to get close or open up. When we were together alone he would tell me everything in confidence. We would laugh & play around. He hates kissing but he loved kissing me & holding me in his arms. Kissing my neck & forehead too. He made me feel like I was his. He did everything with me he had expressed no interest in. That made me feel so special.
This April I couldn't hold it in anymore & finally told him I honestly like him & that I want to be with him. He said "we can't mess up our friendship". I backed off & didn't see or talk to him until the end of May when he randomly texted me. It took a few days but we've started talking almost daily again & hints at how much he misses me (sex). I want him too but I'm making him wait.
He has apologized a few times but has never expressed any change in his feelings. I'll ask him to come over so we can talk soon. I know it's obvious that he wants the sex back but is there any chance that he may like me? Every time we talk he flirts with me or calls me cute, adorable, etc. I just can't seem to let him go. Sex has definitely made things more complicated. I want to be with him but I hate getting my feelings hurt.
He doesn't like me
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He only wants sex & friendship
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He likes me but he's reluctant
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He's turned off that I asked him
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He turned me down but why is he still flirting?
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