This girl tries to flirt with every guy I like.. what do I do?

She pretends to be my friend but she's not at all.
She slept with more guys in 2018 than I have in my entire life. And I don't get it.
We're at the same college. So I can't avoid her much... so many girls around school won't really hang out with her because she sleeps with all their boyfriends and now she even has one that she cheats on.
She's fairly pretty and got big boobs so it's not hard for her to get whatever guy to sleep with her.

I really hate having her around.
I don't even tell her about guys I like but she notices from who I talk to on social media and will start hanging around them all the time like "Oh my god I have no idea why he added me on Facebook" maybe because you flirt with him irl every second you get! And because she adds them and chats them up!

I don't know what to do and I hate feeling like I can't ever have any one guy to myself. I have never known a guy to turn her down either... It just makes every guy so gross to me.

Should I just talk to her about it? She always says she'd never do anything to hurt me but she slept with the guy I liked and didn't even tell me. She even lied to me about what really happened. She still won't admit it to me but he told me and so did our mutual friends

she has told me she thinks I’m pretty and kind and “perfect” but if she views me in such a positive light why hurt me and breach our friendship in this way?
This girl tries to flirt with every guy I like.. what do I do?
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