How do I compete with these girls?

There's this really cute guy that comes into the cafe I work at everyday for lunch. He's a regular so we constantly talk and sometimes we sit together and talk on my breaks. I really like him but I never get cute guys and I know he'd never be interested in me. I'm so average and he's like a model.

I m new to the village were I work and I'm very much a outsider everyone is super rich and privileged and all the girls in the village are beautiful, rich, privileged and have never had to worry about anything in life before.

All these girls try and flirt with this guy and hang around him too. But my co workers say "yet he comes to the same cafe everyday to see you" to me.

Even when I'm not in apparently he asks were I am and every so often he'll buy me a muffin or wait to me to finish my shift to walk me to my car.

He says he really likes talking to me but I have so many mixed feelings. I don't trust a lot of people especially men , especially rich men and I don't wanna get used or hurt by him as well.

How do I compete with these girls?
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