Girls, have you ever competed with another girl in getting a guy?

So, there's this new guy at my work that I like. We are different teams, but we meet at smoke breaks since we're both smokers. And we had great chats, became pretty close, there's some chemistry there. He stares at me a lot and smiles at me each time we pass each other. This is all pretty fresh so I can't give more signs yet.
And then there is this other female coworker that is in his team. He has lunch breaks with her and for walks. She sometimes follows him outside for his smoke breaks, but really rarely, she's not a smoker. And I've noticed the way she looks at him and the way she's been dressing nicely ever since he joined them. They are probably a bit closer then him and I, but they give more of a friendly vibe.
One day, the two of them went outside while I was out and he gave me a huge smile and sat next to me right away and engaged in chat with me, and the girl and I exchanged an "awkward" look, lol. I read everything from her look... it was jealousy. Pure jealousy and a bit of annoyance. Then I said I'm going to the store to get some sweets and she asked if she could join me (so bold, I like it) and we went. We talked a bit about random things and I could say she's a nice girl, that made me feel kinda bad for liking her crush too. Then she straight up asked me if I like the guy. She said she noticed him and I became close and was just wondering. I avoided her question with a question, I asked her "why do you ask, do you like him?" and she said "well yeah but I can't figure him out!". I felt kinda bad for "stealing" her crush and I just said "I think he's cute and funny, yeah" on what she just gave me a sigh.
Really awkward situation indeed. The funniest part is that the guy probably has no clue what's going on, lol.
Girls, have you ever competed with another girl in getting a guy?
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