Should I Give This Well Known Player a Chance?

It's a little bit long but I REALLY need your help so please be serious about answering. :/

So he's your typical jock. Football player, kinda dumb, and a major heart breaker.

I’ve thought he was cute for the longest time. He kinda knew I liked him too since we always caught each other catching glances at one another during class.

So we’re both taking a summer math course to prepare us for Calc. in the fall (he’s dumb no doubt, but school-wise he’s pretty smart because we do go to a nerd school…) and the other day my friend and I were gossiping about stuff. Eventually his name came up and I started blushing and smiling like a stupid girl. I guess he was listening attentively and so he was confirmed that I’m into him too.

Ever since then he’s been flirting non stop and giving me all these compliments calling me “hot” and crap. I never respond to any of this because being the player he is, I bet he says it to a lot of people. He didn’t think I’d like him because we’re not the same race. I’ll go with any race, idgaf about that crap.

Okay I’ll go straight to the problem now and I’ll try to stop blabbering: he tries to talk to me all the time now and even asked me for my number. I keep ignoring him (I don’t try to be a tease or play hard to get, I’ve just always been this way… I can’t help it? :S) but the reason I’m not giving in is because of his personality. Calling me “hot” shows that he’s only into me for my looks like he is with other girls, and I refuse to be “played”. I mean, he can get any girl he wants because he’s him. But he can’t have me, at least not so easily, unless I know that he’s serious.

My friends keep telling me to give him a chance since him being typically “arrogant” is actually being super sweet to me. I see it as a façade, just to get the “prize”. I’m not sure if I should let his past get in between this because I feel like he’s only after one thing, which I won’t give up like that. I do like him a lot and I know a lot of girls do too.

My question is, should I give him a chance or just move on? My friends told me to just talk to him for now, get to know him better. But knowing him for the longest time, I don’t think he’s the type to actually change for anyone, even for me. I’m really confused.

Help? Sorry this was so long.
Should I Give This Well Known Player a Chance?
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