When a guy playfully takes your stuff?

I work with my crush at a grocery store.
This past weekend I worked both Saturday and Sunday. Normally when we talk it's really playful and I catch him staring at me a lot. It's really weird though. We are always super awkward before one of us starts talking and then it's completely comfortable.
Anyway, his shift was over at 5 and mine ended at 8. I was about to go on break and I was waiting for my friend at her register and leaning over this shelf behind her. As he was walking by, he softly kicked me in the shoe and said "go home." I looked at him and smiled "you go home." So then that friend got off register and my other friend was going on break with us so now we started to wait at her register. my crush was wiping down his register (this is a big grocery store so we were far down from him) and i was showing my friend this $5 coupon i got for winning this prize at work. As he walked by again, he took my coupon and started to walk away. So of course I was like "give it back!!" as I was laughing. I grabbed his arm to try and get it so he put it in his back pocket. I looked at him and Im like give it back. So he took it out and he's super tall, so he put it above my head. So i tried to grab it and he kept raising it higher. I eventually got it back.
He said once that he hated working and couldn't wait to go home, so I'm like "what are you still doing here, go home." And he's like "im just wasting time." Why the heck was he wasting time? to talk to me? hmm.

Anyway. my overall question is: what does it mean when a guy playfully takes you stuff?
When a guy playfully takes your stuff?
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