Why do men bitch and moan about "having" to make the first move?

This dude asked a question on g@g saying, "Why do men have to make the first move." And I comented why personally I'm not going to make the first move. Which is because I have a hard enough time making bloody friends. Hell, just talking to people I don't know is a big enough hassle for me. I said firstly I'm ugly, (well I think I am) and no guy would find me attractive anyways so no need to make a fool of myself and have them snicker and call me ugly to my face. Then I said I would just let love to to me. That dosen't imply that a man has to aproach me. It implys I'm going to live my life until I find someone. Also thaf I'm not going to go out of my way to find out if some guy likes me meirly based on the way he looks. We all know attraction today is based on looks and I already jnow I would be turned down. Then the guy who posted the question started giving me the 3rd degree saying, "Guess what we guys are insecure, awkward and clumsy as well... Imagine we'd use that as an excuse like you do 😋 Nobody would have fun anymore."
Cool, but men are not forced into making the first move. You could let a woman aproach to you. You men do not HAVE to make the first move. It's the 21st century, women aproach men, men aproach women gays aproach gays. (etc.) Society tell men they have to, but society lies. (As we all know.) Society tells women that they have to be white, stick thin, or thicc to be "beautiful." We all know that a lie. Just like Society also tells men they can't cry, but that they have to strong manly and have a beard. But not all men can gro beards, and men are humans too. Therefore having emotions just like women, and having the ability to express those emotions.🤔
Why do men bitch and moan about "having" to make the first move?
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