Who do you think has it worse? attractive women or attractive men?

Now I know what you are thinking: What could possibly be bad about being hot?

Ill tell you.

For the primary reason of displaying qualities to a woman who he has to approach and get to know. Mainly because 90% of women won't approach a man, even if that man is so hot that brad pitt saw him and in a jealous rage he kills himself.

Doesn't matter. in fact, the mere fact that he's hot usually makes it LESS likely that she's going to approach.

And the ones that do are going to be rude, and treat him like a leper. Merely BECAUSE of his looks. He's suddenly "a player" and then when he opens his mouth and they find out he's shy, suddenly she treats him bad not because of his looks, but rather because he's shy, or "boring"

Now if he's average or bad looking, she's going to be nice to him, he's "safe".

And if he displays characteristics of being not shy, suddenly he's attractive.

Attractive women don't have these problems but attractive men do.

Really attractive women have grown up being attractive and have things handed to them.

Cars, money, men. Etc.

Its the thing where if you were lets say a famous billionaire, you would always think that they only reason why a woman is interested in you is because you are a famous billionaire. If you one day became old news and lost all your money shed dump you in 2 seconds.

Not only that, you begin to suspect all of your "friends" you think that the only reason people get to know you as a friend is to sponge off of your celeb status.

Same thing goes for hot women. They assume that all men want them because they are attractive. Its worse for them than your average woman who, lets say doubts their attractiveness.

While its true that the hottest women are usually the MOST insecure about their looks, but ironically they still think this way.

Its a dichotomy that they are not mentally aware of.

Personalities are usually a result of life experiences. Its the old saying that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and "it builds character"

Well if you have no trials and everything is given to you because of your god given genes? well then personality is going to be an issue.

Meaning your aren't going to have one.

Except for many of these really hot women who simply have a negative one towards men, which typically, the older they get the worse it becomes.

Men consistently dump them and get tired of sleeping with them, and the woman blames the man for being a pig... however, never realizing it was her fault for having simply nothing else to offer.

No one wants to stay with a woman after sex if she's acting like a total bitch.

The men want to stay because of her looks but ends up dumping her because they just can't take it anymore.

Unfortunately many of these women will blame the man and think they don't have to change because again, they think "that's the way men are" and why change when men are still coming to me?

So they get old, lose looks, and marry a loser, or die alone.

But we all have our crosses to bear.
Who do you think has it worse? attractive women or attractive men?
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