If she "doesn't like me like that", why does she act funny?

I asked this girl out, she gave me the "i don't like you like that" routine, which is fine. She has told me (well, according to her, she was teasing me) that I'm annoying, uninteresting and unfunny and after being rejected, I actually think she wasn't teasing. Yet when I talk to any other girl that actually thinks otherwise and finds me funny and interesting, if she is around, she looks at me and at the girl with this "you better stop talking to her" look. Sometimes I would make a girl laugh and watch her reaction and sure enough, is like she has a spring on her head and looks right at my direction, probably because she can't believe somebody thought I was funny. In the year and change I've known her I have never made her laugh, I've made her smile and giggle but not laugh, anybody else comes along with a lame joke and she laughs easily, which probably confirms me being unfunny. Sometimes when I talk to her, she has this uninterested tone, like she is listening to me to be nice or I'm selling her aluminum siding and other times is like she is mad at me. Everytime I ask her something (and I don't mean just when I asked her out, but asked other things) she says NO, like if I recommend a movie or a book, offer her gum, offer help with something, her answer is NO and when I ask her if she ever says anything other than no, she says NO and she says that NO its her favorite word and that its fun saying NO to me, which would confirm me being uninteresting. When we don't see each other on a while and then she finally sees me, her eyes light up and she gets a big smile on her face but alas, as soon as I open my mouth, she acts up which confirms me being annoying. Yet a lot of times when I talk to her she has this smile on her face and looks into my eyes with a dreamy look and there's no confusing that look (the kind of look you see in movies, all she needs to do is bat her eyelashes at me and you'd have a movie moment), I have female friends who find me funny and interesting and even they don't have that look when I talk to them. I know that when I find people annoying I will give them crippled answers and not look them in the eyes, much less give them a dreamy look. If I talk to her she says I'm annoying her, and if I don't talk to her she tells me I'm mean because I ignore her, what am I supposed to do here? I mean, seriously
If she "doesn't like me like that", why does she act funny?
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